Have you tried VitaCoco Coconut Water? Hydration is so important, try something new.

I recently attended an amazing fundraiser for Lupus Awareness called "Christine's Un- Birthday Party for Lupus".  I received a gift basket with some VitaCoco Coconut Water in it.  I have heard a lot of things about coconut water but thus far had not joined the craze.  Coconut water is a gluten fr

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Just When You Thought Kind Snack Bars Couldn’t Get Better! New Flavors

I recently had the pleasure of attending a Lupus Awareness Fundraiser in Long Island, NY held by Christine Miserandino and received a package of Kind Bars as part of a gift basket.  I have to say, I had never heard of them before, but they looked pretty good.  I decided to take a few along one da

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Product Review: KIND Bars Snacks - Yummy, Healthy, Easy and Gluten-Free!

Product Review: KIND Bars Snacks – Yummy, Healthy, Easy and Gluten-Free!

It can be tricky when you are on a special diet, like gluten-free or are simply trying to eat healthier. Seems like the most nutritious foods aren't very appealing, and the most yummy goodies are nothing more than empty calories that derail you from your goals. And what about convenience? You want

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Product Review: Maxwell House's Iced Latte Singles

Product Review: Maxwell House’s Iced Latte Singles

  It’s 4am in the morning and storms are rolling into your area. Your three year old is terrified of storms so inevitably ends up in your room saying she’s scared. You have her climb into bed with you because there is no hope of getting her back in her own. You have hopes of getting a fe

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Product Review: Tanka Bars, Gluten Free Healthy Energy Bars

Product Review: Tanka Bars, Gluten Free Healthy Energy Bars

When we're on the go, many of us grab a protein bar as a snack. While a protein bar can provide quick energy, it also can provide quite a bit of sugar and an equally quick post-energy letdown, not to mention some dubious chemicals which make them questionable for certain medically necessary diets. I

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Product Review: Better Batter

Gluten allergy? Celiacs? So is my mom. In fact just recently she found out she couldn't' have gluten anymore, which meant we couldn't really either. One problem, I think all the homemade flour mixes are crap. Gooey, gloppy, nasty, no good! Some of it's ok, but it's not FLOUR. (I won't speak of the b

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Snack Review: Cocoa Roasted Dark Chocolate Almonds from Emerald Nuts

Problem: It’s 3 pm and I have a chocolate craving. If I splurge on that chocolate cake in the break room, I’ll never forgive myself. I want something different. And what can I bring to that party tomorrow? Answer: Cocoa Roasted Dark Chocolate Almonds from Emerald Nuts These addictive little gu

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Website Review: PersonalChefToGo.com

I know that eating nutritious meals is an important part of any daily health routine. The benefits of proper diet are significant to anyone, but for those of us with chronic illness, proper nutrition – or a lack thereof – can often mean the difference between a manageable flare and a hospital vi

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Product Review: Bored With Your Granola Bars? Try these new ones!

Are you bored with the old everyday snack? Do you need something quick and easy, but also filling and nutritious? I am happy to share two new snack bars I have found. They are both very interesting and different from any others that I have tried before. The first is called the Yotta bar. These bar

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Product Review: Mexi-Snax stone ground tortilla chips

My family loves tortilla chips and salsa, so I decided to try a different brand than my usual. I tried the multi-grain tortilla chips from Mexi-Snax and what grabbed my attention was that these snacks are certified organic, wheat-free and gluten-free. They also come in blue chips as well as white an

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