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  • Natalia

    They’re available on Amazon now 🙂

  • Donna Bailey

    I wish they sold nice posters with the spoon theory story on them, I think it would be easier to get more people to read it if we didnt gave to pester them to read it online, and I find the spoon theory story to be the best way to get across what I deal with daily to gealyhy people who dont grasp that I doing stuff isnt as simple as just toughing it out and enduring pain.

  • soyperiodista789

    That’s an awesome idea! I might just have to improvise one for myself!

  • Adrienne Hinson Harrison

    Check out my shop on etsy. Search LilyvaleCottage
    or go to . I have Lupus SLE and make spoon jewelry when I can. ????

  • Neil Stirk

    That’s brilliant Caitlin, I will certainly check it out, thank you very much for your help

  • Caitlin Anderson

    Check out “Spoon Shortage Sue” (on Facebook) and she’s in UK . Great jewelry and bookmarks …

  • Neil Stirk

    Hi, I just wondered if you sold any spoonie products, I would love to use a pad with spoons on that I can write tasks next to instead of using my note book so I can religiously stick to a set number of tasks – I know it sounds daft but I need something like this to force me not to overdo it – part of my mental health issue but would help physical issues too – I’ll come back soon to see if any links are available for UK spoonie – good health to all -Neil

  • jill

    Being an invisible disease face myself w fibromyalgia, I love this site!!!! Thank you to the moon and back! <3

  • Diane MacDougall

    Hi just found this site and was having a look around

  • MAhjytta Crakboumhu

    sending you lots of extra spoons virtually for the new year party! sign MC. from france (aka Anton Von Flugelhorn on facebook -your spoon theorie has helped me a lot explain to people what having a neuroboreliosis is like) thanks a bunch!

  • Brandy

    Just wondering if you still sell the small spoon lapel pins, and if there is a coupon floating around anywhere?