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Don’t Be Afraid of the Paper Directions!

So much paper packing In the box and such a thick instruction book. All those languages, I only speak English. I have to guess you are trying to hide the best secret in the world: that the new 550 is EASY to use. I have been using the old style original model for years with no complaints. Yes I had a few suggestions but no real “send it back complaints”. To use the new one is just common sense in a fancy model. And how fancy it is: taller, slightly wider with more utility; it’s kind of like my new boyfriend. Oh boy that’s a thought. New friend-new Keurig!

IMG_0037 (1)


Well, let’s get to dishing. The water capacity is about 1 ½ times larger than before. The method of operation is generally the same, lift the handle, insert the K-cup, drop handle and then read the screen to pick the water amount. You give me a choice of 4, 6, 8 and 10 ounce, but lets be real I am only interested in the 8 and 10 ounce mug size. For travel mugs I have to put in two K-Cups or if I have tea jockey the handle twice. No Problem! I can live with that but the security guard against non-k-cups is a little hard to take.

While the pack holder seems the same size, there must be a little man inside reading the label because I can’t seem to trick the machine into taking a non K-cup. Now I understand you have standards but it has already rejected 3 approved cups and I am mighty thirsty for every drop of my coffee. Maybe train that guy better. On the other hand, my friend likes the nightlight, the colors and wants a new coffee cup with the capacity of the 4 cup carafe so for now; we will live within the lines. Besides with all that coffee more work gets done around the house.

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* Disclosure: I was given a Keurig 2.0 coffee maker for free to try out.  It was totally my choice to write an honest, unbiased review. If you know me at all I talk too much and I never hold back my opinion! Being a blogger, I am often invited to review products, services, exhibits, etc. in exchange for an honest review; But this time I was just given something for free to try out and I thought the product really was so good I wanted to pass it on! Good thing for them I didn’t hate it 🙂