Product Review: Medical Alert Jewelry from

I love all jewelry, from bracelets, to earrings, necklaces and more. It is fun to express myself with colorful style and add a little something extra to any outfit. Unfortunately, most medical alert jewelry is not fun or fashionable. Usually it is something that I have to talk myself into wearing. I

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Product Review: Lauren’s Hope Medical Bracelets Gives Us All Hope

If you are on medication or have an illness as I do, it is very important to wear a medical identification bracelet. But most bracelets I found are bulky, masculine and not the least bit fashionable, so I never wanted to wear one. I hated the way they looked, even worse I did not want a glaring re

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Product Review: – A wonderful site when looking for something unique.

The owner of is Jane and she is so helpful to all customers. She started this business after her daughter was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. I have tried, purchased and reviewed many different types of medical ID bracelets, so I was a bit leery to write a review for yet anoth

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Product Review: Bracelets that alert the medics without alerting the fashion police!

I never thought I would use the word "beautiful" to describe a medical ID bracelet, but as soon as these arrived, I knew they were special! I didn't feel like I had to put these on; I wanted to! These bracelets are very nice -- you would never know they were for medical purposes. I think back to tim

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