What to do with old Christmas Cards? 8 Simply Great Ideas!

What to do with old Christmas Cards? 8 Simply Great Ideas!

I was just starting to clean up after the holidays and I gathered up all the beautiful Christmas cards that were sent to me. I was so blessed to receive an abundance of Christmas cards this year and I had loved opening up the mail every day and hanging the cards around the house. Some of these cards

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Craft Project: Aunt Judy's Easy No Sew Blankets

Craft Project: Aunt Judy’s Easy No Sew Blankets

My Aunt Judy made me one of these blankets a few years ago when I wasn't feeling well. I just love it, since it is so warm, but best of all, my aunt made it, so it makes me think of her. She gave me the secret of how easy these are to make... so they are perfect to give as gifts. Supplies Neede

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Wrapping Gift Tips: Make the Outside of Your Gift Look As Good as The Inside!

I’m a bit of a wrapping queen. I hate sending out a gift that’s wrapped in a basic way – it has to have some “wow” factor to it! Here are my top ten tips for wrapping gifts and a step-by-step guide for wrapping fantastic looking gifts: 1. Make time for it. Wrapping your gifts well sho

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Crafts: How to make the Easter Egg Stockings!

Stockings don’t only have to be for Christmas time, we can stuff stockings full of candy all year round with these adorable Easter stockings! They’re a great alternative to Easter baskets, and a wonderful craft to make with the children in your life. Just be careful with the hot glue gun and sci

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Hobbies: Let’s Make A Miniature Garden!

So maybe you don't feel up to gardening on a large scale - that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy it! We'll create an ongoing, four-season project that you can enjoy anytime you happen to get that gardening urge. The questions to ask yourself are... 1) Where? Do you want your miniature garden to

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Spruce Up Your Yard Art And Knick-Knacks

A couple of months ago I was looking at my garden art (wind chimes, metal sculptures, rusted metal birdbath, wood signs, etc.) and was frustrated by their aged and rather ratty appearance! Coincidentally I had just found all my acrylic paints earlier in the week! (I'm still finding things from the m

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Oy Ge-Felt! Seder Plate

Passover is a Jewish holiday which celebrates the Israelites’ Exodus from Egypt as slaves into freedom. It is a very family-centered holiday as it is about a retelling of the story of the Exodus year after year and passing traditions and oral history down to the younger generations. The Passover S

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The Ultimate Spoonie Valentine’s Day Gift!

What’s better than chocolate on Valentine’s Day? Chocolate spoons! These fun and easy to make gifts are perfect presents for friends, lovers, teachers, neighbors—and anyone who needs some spoons! You can also use season-appropriate candy and colors and give these all year long. They’re also

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5 Easy Valentine Gifts To Make For Around $5

It's easy to say "I Love You" with these low-effort and inexpensive Valentine's Day gifts! 1) Say "I Love You" with a bracelet strung with red, pink and white glass beads on 5 mm stretchy elastic. Tie a double overhand knot to secure, dotting second knot with a dab of super glue right before you s

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Product Review: Holiday Scrapbooking Supplies from Hot of the Press

Maybe the holiday season is so festive that we want to capture the memories forever? Maybe it is the moments with family and friends around the holidays that we want to cherish in some way special? Either way scrapbooking is more popular then ever around the holidays. Scrapbooking is a perfect hobby

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