Product Review: Joint Medic Cream

Like many people, I sometimes experience minor back pain after long hours spent in front of the computer. Also like many, I avoid the use of pills for minor complaints; especially after a nasty bout with bleeding ulcers last year. A few months ago I discovered a cream called Joint Medic that has, m

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Product Review: Tiger Balm Pain Relieving Patch

Recently I realized I needed something for my neck. After over 8 years of suffering with painful Fibromyalgia, the worst part always was the way my neck would freeze up in pain on me. It was time for a trip to the drugstore. I stared down the long aisle of pain relievers and began the hunt for some

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Product Review: Foot Care Set from

This item goes to show, that you never know where you will find a great product! Sometimes you are shopping for one thing and find something else, if you keep your mind open. I found these great smelling foot soak salts, which have a patchouli and sweet orange scent. When you add a 1/4 cup to your

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Product Reviews: pain-relieving gels and sprays

For anyone who has achy joints and stiff muscles, the products in this line of topical analgesics offer quick, fast, and effective pain relief in a convenient method. With natural ingredients of aloe vera, geranium oil, emu oil, orange peel, and menthol to name a few, these spray gels, ointments,

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Product Review: Therapain Plus

I was asked to review a pain relief product called Therapain Plus, since I suffer from chronic back pain. Well I don't know whether it was bad timing or mind over matter, but since I received the bottle of spray, I was pain free. I even kept it in my purse for three weeks, so I would have it ready

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