Book Review: I Just Am by Bryan and Tom Lambke

This is the story of a young man who has Down syndrome. He’s a happy, contributing member of society and wants to tell you that he is as normal as you are. I have often asked the question, “Just what is normal?” And I’m not sure anyone really knows the answer. In my life, I feel abnormal

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Book Review: Migraine Expressions

I wrote an essay, for a collection of essays, artwork and poetry, called 'Migraine Expressions', compiled and edited by Betsy Blondin. This collection was designed to have those with migraines share their experiences through various artistic means. I believe that it succeeds brilliantly and in a way

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Book Review: Wowisms: Words of Wisdom for Dreamers and Doers: A Zentrepreneur’s Guide

You are either a self help book reader or you're not. Personally, I enjoy a good book that might grant me a little insight, or inspire me to live a better life. Sometimes when I can't sleep at night I have tons of ideas racing through my head, and now I found the perfect place to put them. We are

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Book Review: The Zentrepreneur’s Idea Log and Workbook

by Ron Rubin and Stuart Avery Gold As a reader of the motivational Zentrepreneur Guide's series of books, I looked forward to the advice, knowledge and inspiration that these books usually contain, when I received the new idea log and work book. The pages of this workbook follow the same theme, us

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Book Review: The Five People You Meet in Heaven

By: Mitch Albom The End....or is it? When someone dies are they just dead or does more lie behind death's door? The book The Five People You Meet In Heaven By: Mitch Albom explores those questions in an interesting and insightful way 83-year-old Eddie is a maintenance man at an amusement park whe

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Book Review: Dash

by Eric J. Aronson I love the title of this book. I had heard the poem called "The Dash", which is about a man giving a eulogy, and he speaks of the dash as the time between the date of birth and the date death on a tombstone. In fact, I distinctly heard it for the first time at a funer

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Book Review: Woman Emerging Courageous

by Marilyn Dixon Pfanstiel The editor is an amazing woman in her own right. This is a new one to the book stores. It is written by thirty five extraordinary women, who through courage and determination overcame grief, pain and illness and found inner strength, when they thought they had none.

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Book Review: Nearly Perfect, An American Success Story

by Farmer Meadows, Betty Meadows This autobiography is a down-home diary and anecdotal chronology of the life of a coal miner's son from West Virginia and his rise to becoming a millionaire. Though it is the epitome of a true rags-to-riches success story, Nearly Perfect sometimes lacks the drama,

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