Book Review: The Zentrepreneur’s Idea Log and Workbook


by Ron Rubin and Stuart Avery Gold
As a reader of the motivational Zentrepreneur Guide’s series of books, I looked
forward to the advice, knowledge and inspiration that these books usually
contain, when I received the new idea log and work book.

The pages of this
workbook follow the same theme, using beautiful black and white artwork and
quotes, to inspire and encourage you to think differently.

The one difference between this book and the past Zentreprenuer publications is
that this is really not a book, but more of a workbook with mostly blank pages.
That being said, the pages are beautiful and I did enjoy writing in the book. I
left the book by my bedside and used the book to jot down the ideas or thoughts
that usually fly in and out of my head during the night. Some of the quotes
inspired me to think differently, some of them encouraged me to continue along a
line of thought I had. It also was helpful in organizing ideas and helping me
put them into action. This might sound like a simple idea- to make a basically
blank book which is so pleasant to the eye that ideas flow, and it fills the
soul with engaging quotes, so as to make you think, create and grow.

The fact is that it is a simple idea, except I would have never done it without
the Zentreprenuer’s workbook. I did have a notebook by my bed for the purpose of
jotting down ideas especially for my own website etc, the problem is, I barely
used it. My plain black marble notebook did not encourage me to follow the
instincts, or whispers of ideas. It just didn’t inspire me. This book did and
still does. It is now what I use in my own life to help me collect my ideas and
goals. It’s just that simple.

Title: The Zentrepreneur’s Idea Log and Workbook
Author: Ron Rubin and Stuart Avery Gold
Publisher: Newmarket Press (December 27, 2004)
ISBN: 1557046417
Review written by: Christine Miserandino