Book Review: Woman Emerging Courageous


by Marilyn Dixon Pfanstiel
The editor is an amazing woman in her own right.
This is a new one to the book stores. It is written by thirty five extraordinary
women, who through courage and determination overcame grief, pain and illness
and found inner strength, when they thought they had none.

It is a
collection of short stories and poems to renew your belief, in the courage of
women. Each story and poem will tell you of every day triumph and will help you
face your personal challenges, with a courage you never knew you had. You will
find yourself returning to "Woman Emerging Courageous", again and
again, to warm your heart and renew your spirit. A must read.


Title: Woman Emerging
Author: Marilyn Dixon Pfanstiel
Publisher:  iUniverse, Inc
ISBN: 0-595-75842-8

Review written by: Carol Catalano