The Easiest Gourmet Cookies You’ll Ever Make

("Stop, Drop, and Roll" recipes!) As soon as February passes by it seems that there's a thousand events we end up hosting: St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Passover, spring birthdays. It just never stops. When you have to host parties all Spring it can get very harrowing when you have to decide what to se

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Recipe for Kiffles Hungarian Pastries

What are Kiffles? Kiffles are an Eastern European pastry of dough rolled paper thin by hand and filled with assorted fillings. They are pronounced "kif-fulls". In the U.S., you can find them in parts of Pennsylvania. Kiffles are similar to Polish Kolacky or Czech Kolache (small, sweet yeast buns wit

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Recipe: Lemon Blossoms

Ingredients: Yellow cake mix 4 eggs 3.5 ounce box of lemon pudding ¾ cup of oil Throw everything all together in a large bowl and beat for two to three minutes batter will be a little thick so don't worry. Turn up beater and cream together for a couple minuets Take a Mini muffin pan spray with Pa

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Chocolate Dipped Spoons Recipe

Everyone at loves Spoons! Why not make these easy chocolate spoons as sweet gifts? Chocolate Dipped Spoons Recipe 8 Squares of bitter sweet, Semi sweet or white chocolate or all three. Or 12oz of chocolate chips. Melt each different flavor Chocolate Squares Separately. Melt

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Super Easy Peanut Butter Cookie Recipie

This is a very basic, easy peanut butter cookie recipie that doesn't even require flour. They taste great and are quick to make. One cup of peanut butter (crunchy or regular... doesn't matter) One cup of sugar One egg Mix all ingredients together. Roll dough into balls and place on a greased cooki

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