Product Review: Care TENS Unit

Product Review: Care TENS Unit

“You are going to stick what where and then put electricity through it to help my pain levels?” was my first reaction to a tens unit when used during physical therapy. The idea of putting patches with electrodes on my shoulder or any where on my body and then running electricity through it for f

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You can find helpful health items anywhere, you just have to look! Have an open mind.

You can find helpful health items anywhere, you just have to look! One good example of this is when I just recently told my friend that I started selling Avon. She quickly responded “no thank you, I don’t need any make up.” She didn’t even take a moment to look at the catalog. I let it go, a

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Product Review: NeilMed NasaFlo Neti Pot

Nasal hygiene isn't high on anyone's list of preferred topics. But for people with chronic illness, it can be important. Healthy sinuses can mean fewer infections, less congestion, or an end to dryness symptoms. When I was at the Mayo Clinic a year ago, I had a consultation with one of their ear, no

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Product Review: Water Jel Burn Gel Plus Emergency Burn Care

This is a great item to keep in your medicine cabinet or home medical kit. Kitchen burns can happen all year long, but during the summer we have the added chance of burns from the grill. I have even gotten small burns from my hair dryer and hair straightener. Water Jel is a topical gel for minor

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Product Review: Waring JEX328 Juice Extractor

Last year I decided to start juicing and went looking for a juicer. I discovered that many low cost juicers out there were entirely plastic and I was not sure of their durability. After doing a bit of checking around, I found the Waring JEX328 on sale. It was not 100% plastic like most other juicers

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