Craft Project: The Perfect and Personal Pill Box

Craft Type: Decoupage Time it will take: As simple as 15 minutes! Or as fun as hours and hours… This totally easy and fun craft is a perfect gift for yourself to use in every day life or as a present for someone you love. Not only is it a simple craft to do on a rainy day, but it’s a perfect par

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Craft Project: Hug-Me T-Shirt Pillow

Everybody needs a hug once in a while. Sometimes though, due to Fibromyalgia and other muscle and skin aches it hurts to hug! With this awesome craft we can make memorable pillows that hug us back. They’re great to sleep with, keep on the couch, or give as presents! Use a college t-shirt for your

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“Sick” Crafts: Make Your Medic Alert A Work Of Art!

Yes, we are stuck with wearing "that thing" - it is important and a lifesaver, but who says it has to be... ugly? Unless you are lucky enough to have a real gold or silver medical necklace or bracelet, yours probably looks like mine... plain. I make jewelry and crochet, so I decided one day to pla

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Crafts: Fun Idea For A Holiday Gift Made From Your Heart

This is a gift that will fit virtually any woman or girl on your gift list AND fit nearly any budget as well! Best of all, they will know just how much you were thinking of them! Everybody needs a watch. Why not let it be a special, fun one! You can find separate watch faces at craft stores (in t

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You Can Dejunk, Create A Conversation Piece AND Create Virtually Free Gifts!

Recently we had our living room painted. When I went to rehang all the framed pictures, I just didn't have the heart to junk up the walls with them (there were a LOT!) An idea struck me, and off I went to my favorite local craft store's clearance aisle. There I found a 12 X 12 inch scrapbook album,

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Craft Project: “Faux” Stained Glass Birdhouse Sun Catcher Using Liquid Gallery Glass

We are going to learn the most basic techniques for working with Gallery Glass by doing an adorable little birdhouse sun catcher! You will need to print out the pattern picture and in addition you will need: - 1 sheet of white freezer paper slightly larger than actual pattern size - Gallery Glass

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Let’s Make Some Pretty Notecards!

Can you imagine how special you would feel if you received a handmade card from one of your friends? It's easy to make special greetings possible with an hour of your time, a few found objects, a little imagination, and some purchased plain notecards! Your first step will be to purchase some blank

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