You can find helpful health items anywhere, you just have to look! Have an open mind.

You can find helpful health items anywhere, you just have to look! One good example of this is when I just recently told my friend that I started selling Avon. She quickly responded “no thank you, I don’t need any make up.” She didn’t even take a moment to look at the catalog. I let it go, as I am not pushy when it comes to these things. Literally only seconds later she was complaining about her pill case being broken. I giggled and said, “Avon has a real cute one that is small and even cutes pills in half.” She was pleasantly surprised.

Next time you are in a store, or looking at a catalog etc, remember what you may need and look for it with a new outlook. Remember you also can use things in different ways. I saw foot warmers that worked so well, that I decided to buy a pair and use them as hand warmers since the mitten effect of the sock would work better for me then a glove.
Here are some new health items from that I started using and love.
3-in-1 Pill Case
For only $3.99 it is worth a try to see if it works for you. The pill case is a plain white and blue color, so no need to worry about flashy colors attracting attention. Pills stay neatly in place for easy portability. Splits and grinds. Storage compartment holds 5-7 pills.
Healthy Remedies Antibacterial Hand Gel
I always carry a travel/ small size antibacterial lotion in my purse, car, baby diaper bag, back pack and any other place I can fit it. I love to use them, but find many generic brands are very harsh on my skin. The Avon brand has a nice scent and leaves my hands soft. Get a quality brand at a generic price for only $1.99 each!! Mild and gentle formula kills germs while moisturizing. Made in USA. Kills 99.99% of bacteria in 15 seconds! 2.5 fl.oz. Places antibacterial Gel comes in handy include public restrooms, grocery carts, school, office, playground equipment, ATM machines, and door handles.
Pillows? Who knew sold pillows?
Do you get hot in the night? This cooling pillow might be exactly what you need of you suffer from night sweats. Original Outlast® technology regulates temperature as you rest, helping to prevent overheating. To care, place pillow in pillow case or cover prior to use and machine wash. Standard size. Made in USA. Pillow absorbs heat when it gets too warm, and releases it once you cool down.Thermocules™ keep temperature at optimum range for sleep.
CONAIR® Interplak Dental Water Jet
Give the gift of a healthy smile! Need the perfect gift for yourself or a friend? This is the lowest I have ever seen this quality Conair product. It is something I have always wanted to but myself but never have. I wish I received this as a gift, and that is how I know it would be a good gift for others! Gently flushes hard-to-reach areas, helping to prevent gum disease and leaving teeth cleaner. Includes 2 color-coded jet tips.
Happy shopping! Hope you find exactly what you need.

Article submitted by Christine Miserandino, 2009

  • Hi, there!
    I sold AVON for many years (nearly 10) before I had to give it up (fragrances and other chemical sensitivities). But I am positive I sold more non-make-up items than anything else!
    There was a joke I had about having a friend who sold Mary Kay, but wore AVON! LOL!
    Continued success with everything!