Product Review: Walking Stick / Portable Seat

Many of us fight fatigue inducing diseases and get tired very easily. I know I find myself looking all around for a chair, often at the most "difficult" times. When shopping in the mall, grocery shopping or even when an errand itself involves walking far distances, I often find myself wishing I coul

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Product Review: The Handybar ®

This is one of those products that you use and say "wow, I wish I thought of that!" I originally saw this demonstrated on QVC and was instantly intrigued. It helps you get in and out of a car or SUV and is especially useful for older individuals or anyone with disabilities. It's helpful for anyone

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Product review:

Sometimes when you are disabled you want something different just for fun and when you do, it is time to check out If you have to use a walking cane for your disability, you most likely received the typical metal or plain wooden cane from the doctor's office or supply store. Those

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