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May is Lupus Awareness Month! How Will You Spread Awareness? Contemplating what you should give a loved-one or close friend, suffering from a chronic illness for a get well gift?How about a Tee-shirt that reads ‘Lupus Sucks’ or ‘Fibromyalgia Sucks' ? Or "Bad Flare Day!".  Look n

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Top Ten Gift Ideas for a Crazy, Insane, Intense Running Friend

Running has been in my life for seven years now, and it has always been a release for me. When I was in full remission, I would always try go running again. When insurance companies tried to get the best of me, I would run it off for half an hour or if I was nervous about a future procedure, running

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Product Review: Wine and Beer Accessories for Those with Weak Hands

For special occasions it's nice to open a bottle of wine, sit back with friends, relax and celebrate. The only problem is when you can't open the wine or spill the wine when you pour it, and then can't seem to balance the wine glasses and your plate. Sounds like a mess! Well our friends at Prodyne.c

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Top Ten Gift Ideas for Kids with Fine Motor Skills Needs.

Let us help you find that perfect gift! Are you looking for a good gift for someone with special needs? Are you a caregiver of a child with fine motor skills issues? These gifts will help you, help them at the holidays or any day of the year that they need a smile! 1- Lite Brite Flat screen T

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Website Review:

I know that eating nutritious meals is an important part of any daily health routine. The benefits of proper diet are significant to anyone, but for those of us with chronic illness, proper nutrition – or a lack thereof – can often mean the difference between a manageable flare and a hospital vi

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Top Ten Holiday Gift Ideas For People With Arthritis

These are my top ten gift ideas for people with arthritis, but let us remember the best gift anyone who is ill can hope to receive is a little comfort and a lot of understanding. Hope these ideas help when looking for that perfect gift! 10- Blanket! This is a great gift whether it's electric or ju

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Gift Tips: Time to Start Thinking About The Holidays

This year it’s easy to break out and try a new gift idea. It’s never too early to start and some are even great for the last minute. But what do you get the people who have everything? Try a book club. Give them a Card with a handmade coupon in it to let them pick any book club that strikes th

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Gift Guide: Online Shopping for Décor. Change your Environment, to Help Change Your Mood!

"Get Better Get Well Gifts" at! Let us help you find that perfect gift! If you can’t be in a new environment, change the environment that you are in. If you are in a cold, plain hospital room, why not hang up posters that reflect your style or cheer you up. If you are stuck

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Get Well Gift Guide- 5 Gifts That Give Back

"Get Better, Get Well Gifts" at! Let us help you find that perfect gift! Sometimes, when flowers smell, cards get old, and no amount of humor is going to be funny, you are at a total loss for what to give someone who is going through a hard time. You want to give something tha

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Gift Guide: Retail Therapy, Shopping for Bags, Pocketbooks, and More!

"Get Better Get Well Gifts" month at! Let us help you find that perfect gift! When someone we know is sick, we sometimes feel like we have to give them flowers, chicken soup, or a heating pad. And although all of those are great items, sometimes it is the fun and "for no reaso

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