Product Review: Dremel Variable Speed MultiPro Rotary Tool

This is another tool that is perfect for the Spoonie at home who wants to use power tools! It’s lightweight, easy to use, has a multitude of uses and is also great for the crafter! I recently used it for; drilling holes in pegs that I used to hang my spoons, to sand down the holes that my husb

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Product Review: Baby Safety Gates from

Well our little one is beginning to crawl, and before I know it she will be running all over the house! I started to look for baby safety gates not only for her safety, but for my energy. I do not want her to fall down stairs etc, but I also know that I do not have the energy to run all over the hou

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Product Review of OXO Good Grips Citrus Squeezer

We all want to get the most out of our citrus fruits, which usually means squishing them until we’ve gotten every drop of juice. Some people recommend that you microwave your lemon for a few moments or roll it on the counter, but when it comes right down to it, you still need an effective way to r

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Product Review: Shaklee Get Clean Cleaning Products

With a new baby on the way, I was looking into cleaning supplies that were chemical free and the "healthiest" for my baby. I also recently tried to take a renewed interest in doing what I can to live a healthier lifestyle. I think it is important to not only seek traditional medical advice, but to p

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Product Review: My Doudou Bed Bumper

This is one of those simple ideas that make you say "I wish I thought of that!". The Doudou padded bed bumper easily Velcros right to any wall running next to your bed. This cute and soft bumper then protects you from bumping into the hard wall, while tossing and turning in the night. It also helps

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Product Review: Hermann Miller Aeron ergonomic chair

The Hermann Miller Aeron is the ultimate ergonomic office chair, chosen by the best employee friendly companies. Instead of a solid seat and chair back, there are instead fiber mesh fabrics that are breathable and form-fitting. It distributes your weight evenly and minimizes pressure. The chair has

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Product Review: The Culinare Magi Pull ring-pull opener

I find it increasingly hard to perform simple tasks around the kitchen that require strength and dexterity in my fingers. They’re not very strong anymore, tend to hurt if pressure is applied and often go numb or tingly. I also have issues with them shaking or jerking at the wrong moment. Ring pu

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Product Review: Automatic Gizmo® Can Opener

You all know how I love kitchen gadgets and this is my newest favorite. The arthritis in my hands is really bad and gets worse as the weather gets colder, so being the wonderful husband that he is, Darren went and bought me this can opener. It is awesome. I don't have to do anything but put it on th

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