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Adaptive Aids, Mobility Aids, and Product Reviews
Have you tried an Adaptive Aid, Mobility Aid, or Product that has helped you? Talk about it here. Are you looking for a certain product? Ask about it here. Have you read a product review on the site and want to talk about it? post here :) *NO sales/ advertising posts*1 posts
Allergies and Food Intolerances
Many of us have allergies or food intolerances due to medications, side effects, or being born with allergies. Use this forum to share questions, tips and recipes.1 posts
Here you will find announcements and updates related to this forum and Forum Rules and Regulations are also posted here. All new users must read before posting.1 posts
This is the place for Arthritis specific discussions or questions.1 posts
BYDLS Admin Chat
Place for admins to talk about things board related.1 posts
BYDLS Moderator Chat
This is a special place for the moderators to get updates, discuss ideas, problems regarding the message boards.1 posts
Baby Boomers/ 50+/ Seniors
Whatever name you choose to call yourself... lol If you feel this is the right forum for you.. come on by and post! 1 posts
But You Don't Look Sick?
Share tips on how to look good when not feeling well. Skin care, hair loss, etc ...1 posts Discussions
Have you read one of our recent articles, book reviews, product reviews, or newsletters? want to discuss the article or topic? this is the place!1 posts
This is the place for all types of Cancer specific discussions or questions.1 posts
Caregiver Support
Are you healhty, but you are loving, or caring for someone with a disability or illness? Parents, spouses, significant others, friends, etc. This is the place for you. Even though you are not dealing with an illness yourself, Caring for someone with any illness has its own ups and downs. Share them here.1 posts
This forum is specifically for the announcement of any celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries etc.1 posts
Chat Room Hosts
Chat Room Hosts- discuss times, days, topics, and ways to get members more involved using the chat feature.1 posts
Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain
This is the place for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain specific discussions or questions.1 posts
Complementary / Alternative Therapies
Nutrition, Massage, Chiropractic, Accupuncture and more.1 posts
Place to post all contests. Secret Spoonie etc.1 posts
Crafts and Hobbies
This is the place to discuss your hobbies and your crafts, to share ideas.1 posts
Depression/Mental Illness
This is the place for Depression and Mental Illness specific discussions or questions.1 posts
Diabetes and Blood Sugar
This is the place for any Diabetes or Blood sugar specific questions or discussions.1 posts
Digestive Disorders
This is the place for Digestive Disorder specific discussions or questions. Ex IBS, colitis, Celiac etc.1 posts
Doctors and Hospitals, etc.
The place to discuss issues relating to doctors and hospitals. 1 posts
Eating Disorders
This is the place for Eating Disorder specific discussions or questions.1 posts
Ehlers Danlos Syndrome EDS & HyperMobility Syndrome GHS
This forum is specifically for those who are dealing with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and those dealing with General Hypermobility Syndrome GHS.1 posts
Family And Friends
A place to discuss issues surrounding dealing with friends and family. 1 posts
Fun and Games
Place to post fun stuff. Ex: poems, games, jokes, contests, recipes, tv show talk, books etc.1 posts
Going To School/ University
The place to discuss HS, College, or other classes- homework, teachers, classmates, and other school related topics.1 posts
Graphic Designers
Graphic Design requests from christine for banners, avatars, cafepress designs etc.1 posts
Guest Writers
Although Christine has a seperate email group for writers, I am adding this area for brainstorming ideas, or for collaborative works. Also, I will use this section to ask for content on a more frequent basis then the once a month email.1 posts
Happy Hour
Visit here to talk about non- health related chat. Share when you are having a "good Day". 1 posts
Having a Bad Day / Venting
Are you having a bad day? Need to vent, scream, cry? Its ok- we all have those days....Share them here.1 posts
Headaches, Migraines, etc.
This is the place for Headache and Migraine type specific discussions or questions.1 posts
Healthy Weight Management
Are you trying to lose or "maintain" your weight a healthy way? Do you want to share recipes, snacks, support? this is the place.1 posts
Heart Conditions inc Dysautonomia
This is the place for people with Heart Conditions including Dysautonmia to discuss specific issues or questions.1 posts
In the News...
This is the place to share if a medical information will be in the news, newspapers, magazines on TV, etc. This is the place to share information- not debate.1 posts
Infertility and Health Related Fertility Issues.
This is the place for discussions or questions on Infertility or any other Health Related Fertility Issues.1 posts
Links, Awards and More!
This area is to work on linking our site, articles, store etc in as many places as possible. This is also the area to discuss web awards that can apply for, as well as honors like website of the week/ month etc.1 posts
Love, Dating, and Marriage
The place to discuss issues pertaining to your love life.<br> * This forum may contain mature content. "1 posts
This is the place for Lupus specific discussions or questions.1 posts
Lyme Disease
This is the place for Lyme Disease specific discussions or questions1 posts
The place to discuss medications you are on, or to present any questions you may have.1 posts
Multiple Sclerosis
This is the place for Multiple Sclerosis/ MS specific discussions or questions.1 posts
Neurological Diseases
This is the place for Neurological disease specific discussions or questions.1 posts
New Members - Say Hello
Please stop in here and introduce yourself before you begin posting.1 posts
Pain Management
This is the place to discuss pain management techniques, therapies, medications etc. Ask questions, share, etc.1 posts
Parenting/Family LIfe
A place for parents to talk and share tips.1 posts
Pet Therapy
Talk about your pets, exchange tips, or talk about the therapeutic benefits of having pets.1 posts
Philanthropy and Fundraising
If you have any fundraising or philanthropic events going on, post them here. But please only ONE POST PER EVENT.1 posts
Photo Section
If you want to share photos to the group- post them here. They will need to be "hosted" else where. Please make a new thread with your name- and then you can update it whenever you have something new to share.1 posts
Publicity/ PR
Writing Press Releases, getting interview opportunities for Christine, etc1 posts
Rare and Orphan Illnesses
The place to discuss Rare or Orphan Illnesses, that arent covered by our other forums.1 posts
Recently Diagnosed
Have you been recently diagnosed with an invisible illness?1 posts
Secondary Medical Issues
Please use this forum for all "Secondary Medical Issues" to your specific condition.1 posts
Side Effects
Discuss and share tips for dealing with medicinal side effects.1 posts
Sjogrens Syndrome
This is the place for Sjogrens Syndrome specific discussions or questions.1 posts
Sleep Disorders and Insomnia
Too much sleep, not enough. Discuss it here! Come to this forum for sleep tips, techniques, meds, and more. Also - if you're up at all hours - have some fun here, there are jokes, stuff to do, and the other night owls that can't sleep!1 posts
Social Butterflies
This area is for the birthday/ congratulations, get well etc threads. As well as someone to head up contests and other fun, spreading spoonie love ideas.1 posts
Social Security Benefits
Applying for disability benefits or currently receiving them? This is the place for you.1 posts
Special Projects
This section is for the discussion and organization of special projects like the bydls cookbook, the Letter Templates resource section of the main site, etc.1 posts
Spiritual Support
This is a open space for people of ALL spiritual beliefs and faiths to offer support to each other. Prayers, Readings, and expressions of Faith are welcome here. *This forum is for support, NOT religious debate.1 posts
Spoon Stories
Share your own "Spoon Stories" here.1 posts
Tests And Procedures
Post your questions here about a specific medical test or procedure.1 posts
The Diner
The place for all none illness related chat and fun.1 posts
Thyroid and Endocrine Disorders
This is the place for Thyroid or Endocrine Disorder specific discussions or questions.1 posts
Tips of the Trade
This section of the forum is for sharing helpful tips specifically pertaining to living with a chronic illness or disability.1 posts
Topic Of The Week
A topic will be posted in this forum each week by an administrator. Everyone, please feel free to use this space to post your thoughts and comments on the weekly topic.1 posts
Do you have symptoms, but no formal diagnosis? Do you know something is wrong- but do not have a name for it? Come here to share stories, concerns, etc.1 posts
Need to talk about something that isnt listed? Start a topic here. Would you like us to add a specific forum topic for an illness or disease that you are dealing with? Contact us here.1 posts
Volunteer staff work room
This forum is hidden" from the main site. You will only see this forum when you are logged in. This is the "work room" for our volunteer staff to share ideas, ask questions, etc. Only staff will have access to this area.1 posts
Work From Home Spoonies
If you need to shop, then buy from Spoonies! Only 1 post per business per person please.1 posts
Work Related
The place to discuss work related issues.1 posts
Young Adults /teens and 20 Somethings
Here is a place for our members in this age category.1 posts