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Product Review: “Speed Laces” – never tie your shoes again!

Now that my hands have been giving me more problems than usual, I was finding it very hard to lace and tie my sneakers. I hated the idea of not wearing my favorite sneakers, but I didn't think I had any other option. I found and saw a simple solution. This little lacing tool w

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Product Review: Natural Point- The SmartNAV hands free computer mouse

This product proves that if you have a problem, there is probably a solution out there for you... you just need to find it! If you work on the computer, if you recreationally use a computer but have trouble maneuvering the mouse, or if you get hand fatigue or pain by using the mouse- this product is

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Product Review: Gopher II Pick Up & Reaching Tool

I have a Lazy Susan in a corner cabinet of the kitchen and every so often, a can or other item will fall off the shelf and roll to the back of the cabinet out of my reach. After I got a bottle of vanilla stuck back there, I asked my husband to purchase a long-handled grabbing tool for me, as I figur

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Product Review: Automatic Lotion Dispenser

We always hear from doctor's that the best defense against germs is to frequently wash our hands. This new gadget makes washing your hands fun and easy. Your kids will love it too! Whenever I went to restaurants, orout in public restrooms, I always got a "kick" out of the automatic soap dispensers

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Product Review: The Body-Creamer

The Body-Creamer might be just what you’ve been waiting for! Longing for someone to apply that lotion between your shoulder blades, or perhaps someone to rub that one spot - too high to reach from twisting your arm around your waist and too low for swinging your arm over your head? Or maybe it w

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Product Review: Automatic Gizmo® Can Opener

You all know how I love kitchen gadgets and this is my newest favorite. The arthritis in my hands is really bad and gets worse as the weather gets colder, so being the wonderful husband that he is, Darren went and bought me this can opener. It is awesome. I don't have to do anything but put it on th

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Product Review: Sugar Please Automatic Sugar Dispenser

Whoever thought of this great new gadget must have been sitting next to me at the diner, whenever I angrily rip open one of those sugar packets. Either I tear it and sugar flies everywhere, or I can't get the darn things open at all. Even worse than those packets, are those huge glass jars with th

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Product Review: Foot Flush

I am one of the least handy people in the world and yet even I could install the FootFlush, so I know that you can too. But why would you want to? FootFlush is a silly looking device that attaches to your toilet and when you step on it, your toilet flushes. It looks like a white, plastic foot and

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Product review: The “Ove” Glove

If you have arthritis, neuropathy or other functional problems with your hands, you know that maneuvering hot items while cooking can be difficult if not dangerous. Pot holders can leave your fingers exposed. Oven mitts, while they protect your fingers, can be difficult to maneuver with clumsy han

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Product Review: X nite lite

I hate the dark. I know I should get over this seemingly childish fear, but it lingers. I have always hated the dark, but as I got older and had to deal with the "unsteadiness" that accompanies the myriad of illnesses I face, my fear of the dark began to be grounded in reason. I am not ashamed. I

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