Product Review: Dr. Scholl's Fast Flats - Cute and Comfy

Product Review: Dr. Scholl’s Fast Flats – Cute and Comfy

Dr. Scholl's conjures up images of thick, white orthopedic shoes...not light, comfortable flats. So about a year ago when they first came out with their Fast Flats, I was initially skeptical. A comfortable pair of shoes that fits in your purse? Yeah, right. Even if the brand is known for comfort, it

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Product Review: “Speed Laces” – never tie your shoes again!

Now that my hands have been giving me more problems than usual, I was finding it very hard to lace and tie my sneakers. I hated the idea of not wearing my favorite sneakers, but I didn't think I had any other option. I found and saw a simple solution. This little lacing tool w

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Product Review: Handcuffs?? Sweatshirts to keep your hands warm

Handcuffs!! HEY HEY get your mind out the gutter there people!! Have you ever had really cold hands, and can't find your gloves, or you lose one? I can never find my gloves, or never have them with me when I need them. Then my hands get blue, or if God forbid I do have my gloves, my hands get too h

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Product Review: Clog Dawgs Disability Friendly Shoes!

Finding clothing or accessories that make getting ready to go out easier is always a joy. I began seeing these particular shoes called dawgs, which are made entirely of rubber, and although they cost a little more than flip flops, they are ten times more comfortable. I love my flip flops and have at

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