Product Review: “Speed Laces” – never tie your shoes again!


Now that my hands have been giving me more problems than usual, I was finding it very hard to lace and tie my sneakers. I hated the idea of not wearing my favorite sneakers, but I didn’t think I had any other option.
I found and saw a simple solution.

This little lacing tool was originally made for the runner or sports enthusiast in mind, but I immediately saw how this product could help me too. Speed Laces moves lacing to the surface of the shoe, instead of pushing laces in and out of the tiny lace holes. I found it quick and simple to install and once the “clips” were in place, I could easily maneuver the cord laces around them. The cord lock made tension adjustments in order to make the sneakers lighter or looser. I will never have to tie or worry about a shoe lace coming undone again! My shoes slipped on and off effortlessly. This was such a quick fix for an every day annoyance.
I would highly recommend speedlaces to anyone who has problems tying their shoes or to any parent or caregiver.
IBungee laces are also available from this site. They are the same concept but do not include the fittings on the shoes for the strings to go around. With the IBungee laces you have to manually put them through the holes. The custom cord-lock holds laces securely & adjusts instantly for a comfortable snug fit. The special bungee lace allows users to slip shoes on and off like a loafer. I think the variety of colors are great and depending on the severity of your disability, then you might want to just get these instead of the whole set.
IBungee laces fit most shoe types and are available in three colors and sizes.
Get your speedlaces at:
Product review written by: Christine Miserandino

  • Andrej Ejkejej Kuresfalk

    not so comfortable for me this one, try never seen before better product :v

  • will wonders never cease! an answer to another issue – thanks!

  • Sketchers makes a wonderful “slip on” walking shoe. Shoelaces are stretchy and stay in place. Nothing to tie!

  • I love Merrell and Privo. No laces, great support for my back. I’d have a hard time bending down to even do speed laces, honestly, although it does look neat.

  • jonuck

    That seems like an awesome idea… until you think about people that don’t have a lot function for their hands. I guess not everything works for everyone!!! But still a good idea.

  • Miranda Rice

    Anyone try Earth shoes? (Of course, I buy them 1/2 price on eBay)
    They might not be right for you if you have knee trouble, but they sure fixed the back pain! My advice: go to Zappos or, or anywhere there’s free shipping both ways, and wear them around as long as you can – you can wrap your feet in cloth or baggies or XXL non-slip socks – then return them, and go hunting for a pair that’s new but much cheaper!

  • Tonia Lovejoy

    I will be giving this product a try; although honestly I am so sick of my sneakers that I am on the verge of going barefoot!!

    I can’t wear clogs (suffer from shin splints when I do) and feet are too swollen & tender for slip-ons. What I wouldn’t give to wear some beautiful strappy heels.

    Ah well…

  • Elspeth

    I cannot wear slip-on type shoes – they either try to fall off within a couple of steps, or dressy type shoes create big blisters on my heels. These laces sound like they’re worth trying out.

  • Thanks for the tip. I am looking forward to ordering these for my walking/workout shoes. I have terrible foot and ankle problems and my feet swell a lot, not to mention the “fun” of tying laces! Great suggestion!

  • Cori

    I was just struggling with tightening my laces today and wondered if there was something out there that would help!! Thanks for this review!

  • mer

    i wear mules, crocs, and clogs. All slip on.

  • Jette

    The picture you posted with your article appears to show the laces wrapped around little plastic posts, as opposed to running through clips or holes. But on the website I could not find these. They have stretchy and non-stretchy laces that have the sliding lock clip, and they have clips that can be installed into the lace holes, but they are not the post-style picture here, but instead the clips are loops that the laces still have to be threaded THROUGH, instead of just wrapped around. Am I missing the product pictured, or is it not available anymore?