Product Review: Dr. Scholl’s Fast Flats – Cute and Comfy


Dr. Scholl’s conjures up images of thick, white orthopedic shoes…not light, comfortable flats. So about a year ago when they first came out with their Fast Flats, I was initially skeptical. A comfortable pair of shoes that fits in your purse? Yeah, right. Even if the brand is known for comfort, it just couldn’t be possible.

Well, I had a job interview before going to my temp job one day and wore heels. By the time I finished with the interview and got to work, my feet were killing me. Fortunately, the flu shot clinic I was working at that day, was at a Walmart and I was able to pick up a pair of Fast Flats.

They were not what I expected. Well, to be fair, I had no expectations. For something that folds up and fits in your purse, they were sturdy. They were comfortable. They were cute! They felt great! My feet were grateful. I could walk again.

I recommend these for spoonies who frequently or infrequently wear dress shoes. They fold up and fit neatly in a purse or drawer and can be slipped on in a pinch to give your feet a break from less comfortable shoes.


Review written by staff writer, Agnes Reis

Agnes is a nursing student in Minnesota. She was diagnosed with CFIDs in 1999 followed by fibromyalgia the following year, along with lifelong allergies, asthma and migraines. She can be found at or @brigid22 on twitter, but cautions twitter followers that there’s a heavy dose of sports and nursing along with the spoons.

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  • Clare Stella

    Aren’t we silly to wear uncomfortable shoes in the first place? For most of my life I have worn high heels and other shoes that were bad for my feet and killed after an hour or sometimes less. Now I generally only wear shoes that are comfortable.

    I do think these “fast flats” would be great to own though. I could see wearing my boots in winter and then slipping these on when I go into someone’s house.

    PS I saved one pair of dressy heels for weddings and funerals.

  • A public speaker once told me that to stay comfortable in dress shoes have at least two if not three pair and rotate through the shoes every hour or two.

  • Shay

    I’ve seen these before and wondered. While I cannot wear much beyond heels\flats it would be nice to have once winter boot weather is here. Boots get so heavy!

  • Chris

    Thanks for the review. Will have to check these out.