Product Review: Clog Dawgs Disability Friendly Shoes!


Finding clothing or accessories that make getting ready to go out easier is always a joy. I began seeing these particular shoes called dawgs, which are made entirely of rubber, and although they cost a little more than flip flops, they are ten times more comfortable. I love my flip flops and have at least fifty pairs of them, but I personally find that especially the flat flip flops cause me knee and back pain. I often find my legs aching terribly after wearing them to the supermarket or the mall. Running shoes are often a pain to put on, with the laces and such, so I was in search of a comfortable, easy to put on summer shoe.

Good news! I found them! For $40 I bought a pair of these all rubber clogs called dawgs and have been smiling ever since. They are the shape of clogs with small holes throughout them for coolness, so your feet don’t get hot. Since they are clog shaped I can slip them on in seconds, without bending or fussing. They are also not too flat, so there is a bit of back support and being made of rubber makes them so comfortable and slip resistant. These are the everything shoe! Being slip resistance, they are great for the deck or pool, also they are easy to put on for those of us who can’t bend very well. They have a rubber strap that can be put to the front, so it’s just a simple clog, or you can put it to the back of the shoe, and behind your ankle if you prefer better support. Also, being rubber it helps limit foot odor, which is nice. I found these shoes to be the best shoes I’ve ever owned- my back and knees don’t ache nearly as much and now no bending for laces. I recommend these 100% and the great thing I found too was that they come in a huge assortment of colours and sizes. They range from tiny baby sizes to sizes for men- these shoes are even unisex! So pick up a pair for the whole family. It’s so nice to find products that are disability friendly.
By: Stefanie Leale ©2006 butyoudontlooksick.
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  • Brandi Brown-Hibbert

    I love my Vibram five finger toe shoes!!

  • Christie

    Good shoes are with out a doubt critical to our survival! Because what makes the feet ache, makes the whole body suffer!

    I searched high and low to find something to ease the ache and suffering that I experience working 7 overnight emergency shifts in a row every other week.

    My blessing came in the form of Z-Coil shoes.
    Not cheap, they take a while to adjust to, but, well worth it for any of us who has to spend a significant amount of time on our feet or for those of us who attempt to exercise.

  • Jenn Meanor

    These sound just like Croc’s to me.