Wigs, Hats, and Make Up… Oh My! Trying to Look Better, When You Feel Bad.

We have all heard the dreaded saying "But you don't look sick?" But the last thing we want to do is walk around looking like death 24/7. It is true that when you look better you feel better, but there is a fine balance between spending tons of hours putting on full face make up, hair done, and full

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Product Review: Hylunia Skin Care

Product Review: Hylunia Skin Care

“No! No! No! Yesssss!” Unfortunately, I am not reviewing an "adult" toy (Hey Christine and Steph, can I do a product review of an "adult" toy for BYDLS?) I am talking about why I love Hylunia products. The line has no preservatives, no parabens and no lanolin, which makes it a big yes for me!

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Product Review Nicole Paxson

Product Review Nicole Paxson “Mimosa” Liquid Foundation: Put Your Best Face Forward!

Living with Lupus is often not a confidence-builder, but looking good is.  As a Lupus patient, I have experienced symptoms ranging from uneven skin and light facial redness to spontaneous lesions and “butterfly rash”.   When these symptoms manifest, the last thing on my mind is feeling pretty

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Product Review: Country Bunny Bath and Body Large Lip Tube

I have always had chapped, dry lips, so I am constantly on the hunt for a new lip balm. I hate the kinds you have to dip your finger in, as they seem to be so messy and unsanitary. I have tried every brand, and most of those small tubes run out in a few days, since I reapply often. I also find tha

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