Product Review: Handcuffs?? Sweatshirts to keep your hands warm


Handcuffs!! HEY HEY get your mind out the gutter there people!!
Have you ever had really cold hands, and can’t find your gloves, or you lose one? I can never find my gloves, or never have them with me when I need them. Then my hands get blue, or if God forbid I do have my gloves, my hands get too hot and I end up taking them off, then I lose one again. lol The weather in Florida has been unpredictable to say the least lately. It can be in the 30s in the mornings and 80 in the afternoon, so you are constantly removing layers, which can make remembering clothes practically impossible. So anything that helps that situation is a God send!

One of my jobs is dog walker, so first thing in the morning and early evening, I am out walking dogs. One of my clients is a wonderful lady, and she is always looking in the catalogs that come through her mailbox every day. One was Sportsman Guide cataloger and she kept telling me about these weird sweatshirts they had that were awesome. Are you thinking along with me here? Wondering how a sportsman’s cataloge could have a sweatshirt that A) was awesome, B) in a style I might even find attractive and, C) didn’t have a huge deer’s head in the cross hairs or something. Well I found out. She handed me this grey sweatshirt, just plain light grey, hmm this could work. Except when you put the sweatshirt on, you notice that the cuffs on the ends of the sleeves are extra long, and there’s a thumb sleeve in it too. The cuff of the sleeve makes a fingerless glove and you put your thumb through the thumb sleeve. Complete dexterity- when you don’t want the glove part you just roll it back, like you would any longer cuff. It’s perfect!
I love this sweatshirt! Of course being in Florida I haven’t had the chance to check it out properly yet. I need that cold snap to come on back. But I know that so many of you could use something like this, especially in the colder states!
Awesome, everything a spoonie could possibly need. And the bonus is, you can’t lose one !!
Product review written by: Wendy Jones,

  • I have seen these sweater-gloves before! They are great for fall and spring where I live, but in Florida, I couldn’t imagine having to use them too much! Unless there is a hurricane, of course!