Poetry: Pieces of Us

Poetry: Pieces of Us

To be separated Body and mind Split between thoughts of love And questions for the enemy Yet they both reside In the same body In my body There are no answers Just community A family of people like myself Found here Yet spread all around the world Provide strength

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Poetry: I Didn't Know...

Poetry: I Didn’t Know…

I didn't know back then that life would change forever. I didn't know what pain was then. I didn't know the sacrifices and allowances I would end up making. I didn't know my hair could hurt. I didn't know that I would have to give up the things that brought me the most joy because I just couldn't do

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Poetry: Tired

Poetry: Tired

I tire of my body. I tire of my pain. I tire of the whirlwind scraping the walls of my skull. I tire of the weeping willow cracking and sprouting within thine eyes. I tire of courage. I tire of strength. I tire of personal earthquakes that make morning coffee a joke! I tire of cramping: calf, thigh,

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Poetry: Fibro

Poetry: Fibro

A poem submitted by one of our writers and she also has been reading our site for some time now. She lives with Fibromyalgia. Fibro, A poem. Could you imagine being 20 years old, 30 years old, And being stuck in the body of a 90 year old?    Watching your skin turn to hell and flake, away

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“Vanity” a poem by Shanelle Gabriel

I found this video on youtube last night. (Yes, I couldn't sleep again) But I feel that maybe I was meant to find this video and share it with all of you. The video shows a performance of live poetry by Shanelle Gabriel from Brooklyn, NY. Not only did I identify completely with her words and experie

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Poem: Rainbow of Hope

A poem submitted by one of our readers. I sit staring out my window again Stuck in this room By an illness that won’t let me free I look out at the rain And feel Blue with sadness for All that was, is and never will be Red with frustration and anger Hating the pain and endless days Green with en

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Poetry: If you could live in my body

A Poem submitted by one of our ButYouDontLookSick.com members. If you could live in my body, just for a day, maybe you wouldn't think that I feel okay. You might understand what it's like to be tired by just trying to live, just doing what's required. If you could live in my body you might begin t

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Personal Essay: Snowflakes.

The cold makes me hurt, brings illness to my cramped indoors and makes me dress my son up like an Eskimo and then rush to get him undressed when he has to pee after the hour long dressing process and before we get out the door. Snowflakes, I should only find them a dreary misery. However, I love the

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Poetry: I Stand Here Naked

A poem submitted by one of our readers. I stand here naked Looking in the mirror Sad because My body is not what it used to be It was once so tough A dancer’s body both soft and strong Now it has been weakened by this It is not the body I know Legs that won’t hold me up Shape I wish I did not

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Contest Entry: Poetry “Please Don’t…”

This month we had a contest and asked some of our readers, members and volunteers to write a creative peice about What has BYDLS and "the spoon theory" meant to you? Sharon Onyett ("Shazinoz", her bydls.com message board name) submitted this poem. “But you Don’t Look Sick” Is an often heard

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