Poetry: I Stand Here Naked


A poem submitted by one of our readers.

I stand here naked
Looking in the mirror
Sad because
My body is not what it used to be
It was once so tough
A dancer’s body both soft and strong
Now it has been weakened by this
It is not the body I know
Legs that won’t hold me up
Shape I wish I did not see
But it has survived
I am still alive
And one day
I pray
It will be
My art again
Submitted by: Stacey Yount 2008, butyoudontlooksick.com

  • Sheila

    The least talked about part of the illnesses – the lost body we once had, the loss of esteem that goes with it and the prevailing hope we’ll get it back even when we realize it likely will never be what it was. But hope and esteem, even manufactured, we must keep on with…

  • Wow! It is as if I had written this myself! One of the most important things in my life was dance and I lost it to Ehlers-Danlos! I REALLY miss my dancer body and the graceful strength I had! We WILL dance again!

  • Roshni

    Beautiful Stacey! You will dance again and I will be there to watch!