May 10th is Lupus Awareness Day! Have you loved someone with Lupus lately?


Wear orange or purple, send friends your favorite awareness websites ( ? lol) to educate, read, ask your friends to read some lupus facts, make your status a lupus support or awareness message, blog about lupus, blog about your friends with lupus, Do something nice for a person living with Lupus… etc. Any other ideas how to make this Lupus day significant? 🙂


Don’t worry, if you don’t get to do something today, the whole month is Lupus awareness month. Everyone always thinks awareness months are only about raising money for the charity, walks, or research and although those things are really important, you can show your support other ways too. Just by showing your support for the people in your life who are living with lupus is a HUGE step. Most of us spend a big part of our days trying to explain to a doctor, a stranger at the parking lot why we have a handicap licensce plate, and even ourselves that we are doing the best we can. Hearing it from the ones we love could go a long way to help our self esteem and general well being.  Even the simplest of tasks like taking out the dog for a walk, or picking up the kids from the bus stop seem so little to you, but might be a HUGE energy saver for someone living with lupus. So yes, awareness in the medical and political communities are very important, but awareness of how we treat each other here at home can start today, this minute.  You have the rest of the month to do something nice for everyone you know living with lupus.