Poem: Rainbow of Hope


A poem submitted by one of our readers.

I sit staring out my window again
Stuck in this room
By an illness that won’t let me free
I look out at the rain
And feel
Blue with sadness for
All that was, is and never will be
Red with frustration and anger
Hating the pain and endless days
Green with envy
Because everyone’s life has moved on
While I am stopped here since that fateful day
Yellow with fear
That this is the way
It will always be
Then he calls
Come look out this window
And I see
A rainbow stretched across the sky
The colors transform
Into Hope
Submitted by: Stacey Yount 2009, butyoudontlooksick.com

  • john

    As an artist recovering from stroke, diabetes,
    and heart skip I am more surprised by colors in their natural light and I love, love, love this poem.

  • Irisheyes_blue

    Hi Stacey I like your poem! I would love to use it for my website called Dress For Success. As a holistic colour image consultant my home service will support mentally ill people like myself. Increase their self esteem, learn to believe in them selves again and more. Thanks!


  • Ivy

    Love this poem. The rainbow has always been a symbol and sign from God to me that ~ “Everything is going to be okay”. When things begin to go terribly wrong in my life ~ a rainbow always seems to appear in the sky ~ reminding me once again ~ things are going to be just fine.

    Thank you.

  • Stacey

    Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments. It means so much to me that my poem speaks to you. We are not alone and seeing you comments helps me too!!

  • Patrice Howe


  • Ann Marie

    Wow! That truly says it all! I’m finally able to express what is occurring in my body to all of those who haven’t a clue to what I experience every minute of the day!!! Thanks

  • Alethia Crenshaw

    This poem is soooo true of my life. However, you just reminded me that there is HOPE. Thanks.