Poetry: Pieces of Us


To be separated

Body and mind

Split between thoughts of love

And questions for the enemy

Yet they both reside

In the same body

In my body

There are no answers

Just community

A family of people like myself

Found here

Yet spread all around the world

Provide strength

To carry on

A life is still here to live

Memories of the past

Hurt, but bring vitality to the present

We may not look sick

And our struggle equals muffled cries

But we’re here to change that

Hand in hand


Written by staff writer, Annie Martin


Annie is a young Canadian woman struggling with Fibromyalgia, CFS, and autoimmune issues. She blogs daily at www.fragileannie.com and monthly for The Fight Like Club in the hopes of raising awareness of central sensitization disorders (and hopefully subsequent research)!

  • DeDe

    can i paste this to my chiari page?

  • Tim

    Thanks for this, nicely sums up the community spirit.

  • Sooo beautiful

  • Eachmomentmatters

    MMMmmmm – definitely resonates with me. Thank you so much for sharing your words with us — sometimes what is experienced is difficult to find words for. Thank you for finding some words for us.

  • Wonderful!

  • Stephanie

    Beautiful Annie! Thank you for sharing!

  • well written. Thank you.

    I keep thinking I don’t qualify to be a spoonie . . . keep thinking I’m getting better . . .

    So, I haven’t written for a while about it.

    Gee, if I can barely get through a day doing very simple things, and haven’t had a functioning voice for a year and a half . . .
    and crash as soon as I do much of anything . . .
    my spoon supply is clearly very low!

    (and, no, I don’t look it)

    alone. seen but not heard. thank God for the internet.