Product Review: Water Jel Burn Gel Plus Emergency Burn Care


This is a great item to keep in your medicine cabinet or home medical kit. Kitchen burns can happen all year long, but during the summer we have the added chance of burns from the grill. I have even gotten small burns from my hair dryer and hair straightener.

Water Jel is a topical gel for minor burns that works fast and provides long lasting relief. The gel is a water based product containing Lidocaine, which dissipates the heat of a burn and allows for easy removal of dressings. It contains all natural Melaleuca “Tea Tree Oil” known as a natural antiseptic
Use this gel on burns to limit the progression of the burn and quickly ease the pain. This gel will help protect you against infection, with a perfect blend of instant pain relief and long term burn care. The most important thing about this product is that it works!
Of course if you should always check with your doctor before using any new product, or if you feel your burn is more serious.
You only need to use a small amount, so the 4 oz bottle is a great price for $6.50. They also sell individual packets that would be great for the car, small medical kits, or your kidʼs beach bags, etc. You can buy yours at

Review written by: Christine Miserandino © 2008,

  • Becky Varner

    Best product EVER for sunburn! It contains 2.5% Lidocaine HCL instead of the meager .5% in every sunburn product I’ve ever seen. It remains a bit sticky even when dry, but it’s still worth it as the relief is fairly long lasting, maybe 6-8 hrs. I only wish it came in a larger bottle.

  • Caillin

    This can also help for people with localized skin sensitivity. The Lidocaine can take the edge off that sensitivity and ease the pain.