Book Review: The Five People You Meet in Heaven


By: Mitch Albom
The End….or is it? When someone dies are they just dead or
does more lie behind death’s door? The book The Five People You Meet In Heaven
By: Mitch Albom explores those questions in an interesting and insightful way

83-year-old Eddie is a maintenance man at an amusement park where he and his
father worked for years. Unsuspectingly he goes through the last day of his life
– which is also his birthday, much like any other day. Then tragedy strikes and
the next thing you know Eddie is dead. What happens next?

Eddie arrives in heaven and is surprised to realize that he’s back at Ruby Pier.
Why was Ruby Pier in heaven? Next thing you know he is face to face with the
blue man – a man who will be one of the 5 "greeters" who will help Eddie make
sense of the things that happened during his life on earth. Next he meets The
Captain – a man responsible for an event that changed Eddie’s life. Then comes
Ruby – the lady Ruby Pier was named after. Once he’s done talking to her, Eddie
then gets to see his beloved wife and finally he meets Tola a little 5 year old
girl that Eddie learns a very big lesson from.

This book discusses a hard topic that not many are willing to discuss – life
after death. Though it doesn’t really have any actual merit in it’s view of
heaven, since it is fiction, it is truly an interesting aspect to consider. We
do often go through life wondering why things happen and having those questions
answered for us in heaven is something many people wish for.

This book is a good read that many of you will enjoy. The next time you’re at
the bookstore or library pick it up. It certainly will make you think about your
life in a new way.


Title: The Five People you Meet in Heaven
Author: Mitch Albom
Publisher: Hyperion
ISBN: 0786868716
Review Written By: Elisabeth Adkins