Book Review: Wowisms: Words of Wisdom for Dreamers and Doers: A Zentrepreneur’s Guide


You are either a self help book reader or you’re not. Personally, I enjoy a good book that might grant me a little insight, or inspire me to live a better life. Sometimes when I can’t sleep at night I have tons of ideas racing through my head, and now I found the perfect place to put them.

We are all searching for answers while struggling to improve ourselves
along the way, and for some, a book is a great jumping off point.

The authors Ron Rubin and Stuart Gold are self proclaimed Zentrepeneurs–people
who believe in living a life in which what they do is one with what they are.
Rubin and Gold have written two other books, Success at Life and Dragon Spirit,
which tie together timeless thoughts on life and work and how to make them both
a success

Wowisms, a small pocketbook, highlights individual quotes from their work on
each bamboo sketched page. Some are simple yet profound –"Do not let
others block your light.", and some cause a moment of pause –"How old
would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?" Some you’ve heard
before, since age old wisdom has a way of being retold- "Only those who
know they know not, can become wise.", and some thoughts feel fresh and
new- "To move on, sometimes the best light for the journey can be the
result of a burning bridge."

I enjoyed this mini cache of wisdom and found myself drawn to some wowisms that
particularly spoke to me. "Your future is not determined by luck, it’s
determined by the actions you take each and every day. "

The authors write in the prelude, that the book is about change. They hope that
these wowisms change you, your thinking and your life- rather lofty goals. Yet a
simple book such as this, with a few choice words based on passionate beliefs,
might just be your catalyst. This is an easy read, but one you may refer to
again and again.

Title: Wowisms: Words of Wisdom for Dreamers and
Doers: A Zentrepreneur’s Guide
Author: Ron Rubin and Stuart Avery Gold
Publisher: Newmarket Press
ISBN: 1557045909
Review written by: Christine Miserandino
Reviewer’s Rating:8.5