Product Review: Lauren’s Hope Medical Bracelets Gives Us All Hope


If you are on medication or have an illness as I do, it is very important to wear a medical identification bracelet. But most bracelets I found are bulky, masculine and not the least bit fashionable, so I never wanted to wear one.

I hated the way they looked, even worse I did not want a glaring reminder of the illness I had, and I certainly did not want to show the rest of the world that something was wrong with me. In the back of my head I always worried, “what if something happened to me?”, no one would know any of the important information that could save my life. I became a woman on a mission to find a bracelet that wasn’t ugly! I soon learned this was no easy task, there truly are not many companies out there who do this, and if they do they are not affordable.
Then I found Lauren’s Hope. The company was started in the name of a young girl who had diabetes. Her mother was apparently going through the same problems I had, trying to find a medical ID bracelet for her daughter who had diabetes. She had these bracelets made for her daughter and the rest is history. I actually saw these bracelets on TV, and read an article about them. Since some of the profits benefit diabetes, I made the mistake of thinking the bracelets were just for diabetic patients. I soon found out that they can be made for anyone! I was so upset I did not buy one of these sooner.
They have a wonderful selection on the website of different style bracelets for men and women, fit for any personality. They also have a very nice wrist watch bracelet, which I thought was very creative and useful. You can engrave the medical charm on this site, although you are paying extra for that. These bracelets are very nice looking and are interchangeable because of the clasps. The clasps might be difficult to maneuver for those with arthritis, or other disabilities in their hands, although no more difficult than any other bracelet. Most bracelets run anywhere from $39.95 – $59.95. This is a little more costly than others I have seen, but this company uses quality
beads and sterling silver (not costume jewelry), and I liked knowing a portion of the proceeds was going to such a worthy cause.
Review written by Christine Miserandino,© 2008

  • Hannah

    I just purchased one from the website. It says it comes this week. We will see how it comes!!! It was GORGEOUS! 🙂

  • I need to get my own, a needed reminder….

  • Melissa

    That is a great site. I haven’t been able to get one ordered yet. So I wear one of those silver ones that are very small because that is all they had….but the jewerly on Lauren’s Hope is great.

  • Carol

    I wear a MedicAlert bracelet and it’s a pink sports one fastened by velcro. It has my illnesses and meds and a number to call to get more information.
    If, like me, you are on benefits you can be sponsered by them and not pay a penny for membership and the least expensive bracelet which is still feminine.