Product Review: Bracelets that alert the medics without alerting the fashion police!


I never thought I would use the word “beautiful” to describe a medical ID bracelet, but as soon as these arrived, I knew they were special! I didn’t feel like I had to put these on; I wanted to!
These bracelets are very nice — you would never know they were for medical purposes. I think back to times when I went to the hospital or was in car accidents, and I wished I was wearing an ID bracelet. It is so dangerous to go out without one, but medical bracelets were always known to be so ugly! I wish I had found this site years ago.

There is a great selection of beautiful bracelets on the website! Please note, the bracelets come with blank medical ID plates, and you need to get them engraved separately. For $40 a bracelet, I would buy a few and match my outfits. You can even spend less if you buy multiple bracelets and switch the medical ID plate.
On this website, you do not have a “traditional” shopping cart. Please do not let this sway you! The woman who makes the bracelets, Tina, is very nice and helpful. She does this specifically to get your email and cater the bracelets to your size and desires. These bracelets are custom made for you by When you order, be sure to tell them sent you!
** Note from author 10/2007” I have recently went back and revisited the site and now 2 great changes have been made to make this store even better. They have started engraving their items. And they have also implemented an easy to use shopping cart program. I am happy to see these additions!”
Review written by Christine Miserandino,© 2005