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I love all jewelry, from bracelets, to earrings, necklaces and more. It is fun to express myself with colorful style and add a little something extra to any outfit. Unfortunately, most medical alert jewelry is not fun or fashionable. Usually it is something that I have to talk myself into wearing. I recently found and saw their wide selection of medical bracelets, medical id charms, medical necklaces, medical id watches, kids medical id bracelets and medical pendants, which all come in a wide variety of styles and metal types. I was amazed at the variety of medical alert fashion jewelry items that were both cute and functional.

I have searched everywhere for different types of medical jewelry, since I am someone living with a chronic condition and know I should be wearing one. I want to get into good habits about putting on one every day, but with the 1 or 2 styles that I have, sometimes it is hard to convince myself to put on “that old thing” again.
At there are styles that any man, woman or child would enjoy wearing. There is a silver heart charm style, just like that popular Tiffany’s brand. There is even a polyester strap style that would be perfect for anyone outdoors or playing sports. You can also find many different types of metals to choose from to please any budget; surgical steel, sterling silver, leather, gold and titanium to name a few. My favorite was the heart charm style and the pink leather style. Both of these unique styles are a refreshing way to still be safe, while looking pretty.
The website is very easy to use and I found the prices reasonable. They offer pre-engraved plaques (for persons with diabetes, allergies, etc.) as well as custom engraving for all other diagnoses. The medical id bracelets can be engraved front and back! The company is based in Florida but ships world wide.
I would highly recommend anyone to shop at If you shop with them, please remember to say that Christine at sent ya’!
Article written by Christine Miserandino, © 2008

  • steve

    I recently came across a new Medical ID bracelet which is
    better than traditional medical ID bracelet.
    Med-ID band is the next generation of Medical ID bracelet. It uses latest technology (Quick Response or
    QR code technology) to deliver critical Medical information on the spot.

    Unlike traditional Medical ID bracelets which carry limited
    information, Med-ID bracelets displays following with a simple scan with any

    Your Medical

    Current List of
    all medications you are taking.

    Physician’s Name and Phone Number.

    Two emergency
    contact names and their phone numbers.

    Your Name and


    As you see the new technology promises to be better than old
    traditional medical id bracelet and if you suffer from any chronic illness as I
    am it will help you tremendously. For more information go to I hope this helps.

  • Lndawiley

    I want dog tags for my grandaughters graduatin!

  • My husband also has a long list of meds. StickyJ does offer USB medical jewelry with a medical information service available for loading onto the USB. This USB can be very helpful with or without the medical software. StickyJ also has a keychain booklet with “pages” for engraving DP1217. Using a wallet card is also a great idea.

  • Jennifer

    I also have a huge list of meds I take and secondary conditions. To cover all this, I list the really crucial need to know first sort of information on my medic alert jewelry (like drug allergies) and then add the line “see wallet card.” I make my own wallet card (more of a sheet, really) that has all of the additional information I need to let them know and carry it constantly. It isn’t a fool-proof system, but it helps.

  • I agree that if we have a chronic condition we need to wear a Medical Alert bracelet or necklace or something. The problem I have, is, what if? What if I’m found unconscious? or I’m in a wreck? or injured in some other way and am unable to respond? I have a HUGE list of drugs I’m taking and a HUGE list of allergies – including a bunch of antibiotics. Places like StickyJ don’t maintain medical record databases to let ER personnel know this information. So I am sticking with the plain old MedicAlert company – and their selections are getting much wider and prettier!