Snack Review: Cocoa Roasted Dark Chocolate Almonds from Emerald Nuts


Problem: It’s 3 pm and I have a chocolate craving. If I splurge on that chocolate cake in the break room, I’ll never forgive myself. I want something different. And what can I bring to that party tomorrow?
Answer: Cocoa Roasted Dark Chocolate Almonds from Emerald Nuts

These addictive little guys are roasted with cocoa powder to give the almonds a baked on chocolate flavor. They are not dipped in chocolate so I save myself some real fat and calories, but they still satisfy my chocolate craving.
Put in a cut glass bowl they will be perfect for my contribution to the snacks at our family Christmas Eve dinner. Everyone will be munching on them and getting a good dose of antioxidants as a really nice freebie!
(And can’t we all use a nice freebie now and then?)
Almonds are packed with protein, vitamin e, photochemicals (they are
good!) and calcium. They are really good for you. Throw in the benefits of dark cocoa powder and you are eating virtually guilt free!
(Okay so they do have calories, let’s not forget and be sensitive to those with chocolate and nut allergies, however considering the other candies and choices we’ll be faced with at the holidays this one rates
I have heard rave review from my friends all over the country who I have prompted to try them and even people I know in Canada are munching happily on these instead of even more calorie=2 laden chocolate bars this winter!
These would make great stocking stuffers or to fill a beautiful container to wrap up as a gift, instead of the usual chocolate candies you’d put in there. And it’s so simple! Many times in stores, such as Wegman’s up in the northeast, you can get a beautiful container in the seasonal and then head down the nut and snacks aisle to grab a container of these and all while you were shopping anyway! They look expensive in a bowl like this and no one ever has to know! I certainly won’t tell….
Try some:

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  • Megan

    My co-worker recommended these and I love them! They are a delicious treat. They also sell them in individual 100 calorie packs that are great when you are on the run.

  • Jennifermf

    Whole foods also sells their own brand of these. They are so delicious!! I highly recommend them too. I love guilt free chocolate.