Product Review: Maxwell House’s Iced Latte Singles



It’s 4am in the morning and storms are rolling into your area. Your three year old is terrified of storms so inevitably ends up in your room saying she’s scared. You have her climb into bed with you because there is no hope of getting her back in her own. You have hopes of getting a few more hours of sleep until you realize your alarm clock goes off in an hour and a half so you can be ready for when your older two kids are up.

What’s a girl to do when you are low on spoons to begin with but have to function anyway? I used to reach for some kind of caffeinated, full of sugar soda until my own mom introduced me to Maxwell House’s Iced Latte Singles packets. Yes, just pour this packet in with some cold milk, mix it up and you have yourself a pick me up for at least a few hours.

It seems that there are two groups of people when it comes to caffeine: the soda drinkers and the coffee drinkers. I used to be firmly planted in to soda drinker category until this mix was introduced. It was due to desperation at the time but to my surprise and delight, it tasted great. Even better, when I looked at the package, it’s only 60 calories before you add your milk. Once milk is added the total calories add up to only 150 or so depending on the kind of milk used. It does have a faint coffee flavor but is also sweet enough to not notice it much.

The best part is that it is fairly cheap compared to coffee shops or other places. I’ve found a box that contains eight packets for around $2, sometimes slightly less or more depending on sales and what local store you shop. All in all I give this product 5 spoons for great taste, easy to find, and decent price for when a pick me up is needed as an alternative to soda.


Article written by staff writer, Christina Stevens


Christina is married with 3 young children while managing moderate to severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. While technically a stay at home mom, she volunteers as instructor chair for a weekend event with Women in the Outdoors, an amateur radio operator and writer. You can find her on twitter at @ss_sunset or on Facebook at @ss_sunset.

  • Leah

    mmmm i love french vanilla flavoured anything, but i’m not huge on actual coffee, and am trying to cut out soft drinks to lose like 5lbs 😛
    i think i might have to get my hands on some of those!