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I know that eating nutritious meals is an important part of any daily health routine. The benefits of proper diet are significant to anyone, but for those of us with chronic illness, proper nutrition – or a lack thereof – can often mean the difference between a manageable flare and a hospital visit.

I have lupus, and there are days when managing my health feels like a full time job. There are also household chores and responsibilities, and of course an adorable eighteen month old little girl to liven things up. I’m sure you can see how on some days, putting together one nutritious meal, never mind three, is near impossible. I am a “professional patient,” not a professional cook.
Enter The company provides “smart’n healthy meals for a smart’n healthy lifestyle” and delivers fresh, not frozen, meals right to your door. They offer new entrees each week, and provide meal plans and packages designed for families, busy singles, and couples on the go. Each meal is well balanced, and includes key nutritional information (calories, protein, fat, carbohydrates, sodium, etc) as well as a Weight Watchers Points equivalent – all right on the package. Cooking instructions are also included for both microwave and conventional ovens, so there is no guesswork involved.
In my experience with, the company and the meals themselves were wonderful. My order was delivered on time, and arrived fresh as promised. I was impressed with how carefully it was packed for delivery. Meals were individually packaged and clearly labeled, and portion sizes were very reasonable I immediately noticed that each meal was nutritionally balanced, high in dietary fiber, and low in fat. Each entree was also unique, creative, and flavorful, without being overbearing or over-seasoned – which is often the case with lesser quality prepared meals.
With the winter bringing plenty of discomfort, and the holiday season bringing along some holiday stress, I have been under the weather a bit lately. I was happy to turn to, rather than overpriced delivery, or even worse – fast food. My husband and I both enjoyed our meals, and it was refreshing to feel that we were able to have a nutritious dinner together on a day when I otherwise would not have been able to pull it off.
A gift certificate or a week’s worth of food from is on my list of great gifts for any occasion. We all have bad days now and then, and a good hassle free meal can go a long way. Everyone could use a week of guilt free meals from a professional chef!
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  • Christine,
    We are delighted that you enjoyed the meals! You really get what we are all about! As a father of a one-year old with special needs I can relate to the stress of caring for oneself as well as others. It is very rewarding to be of some small assistance and particularly to those that are suffering from illness or disability.
    Since you mentioned gift cards I wanted to let your readers know that we have a great promotion going on until the end of the year: for every $100 spent on gift cards, we’ll send you an additional $25 card for yourself, or to use as a stocking stuffer!
    Happy Holidays!
    Chef Blair