Just When You Thought Kind Snack Bars Couldn’t Get Better! New Flavors


I recently had the pleasure of attending a Lupus Awareness Fundraiser in Long Island, NY held by Christine Miserandino and received a package of Kind Bars as part of a gift basket.  I have to say, I had never heard of them before, but they looked pretty good.  I decided to take a few along one day when I was playing a round of golf and thought they might make a nice healthy snack.  The flavors I took with me were cashew and ginger and chocolate nuts and sea salt.  I was a little skeptical at the flavor configurations but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised.  Not only are these bars nutritious, but they actually taste amazing.  The chocolate nut and sea salt bar was my favorite.  The nuts and chocolate with the saltiness of the sea salt was such an awesome combination.  I loved it.  Just make sure you keep them cool as the chocolate might melt.  As far as taking care of my appetite.  These great and healthy snacks did the trick.  I was filled up and totally energized after eating them.  I’m not going to say I played the best round of golf in my life; I didn’t but I will say that I had a great snack while I played and I am now hooked.  I recommend Kind Bars to anyone looking for a great and nutritious snack.    They are amazing.  I told all my friends who are on the granola bar/health bar kick and after trying them out a bunch of them have converted over.

Written by Andrew Goldchain for butyoudontlooksick.com