Product Review: Better Batter


Gluten allergy? Celiacs? So is my mom. In fact just recently she found out she couldn’t’ have gluten anymore, which meant we couldn’t really either. One problem, I think all the homemade flour mixes are crap. Gooey, gloppy, nasty, no good! Some of it’s ok, but it’s not FLOUR. (I won’t speak of the belly lead my mother dared to call pancakes!)

So I did some research once afternoon on a break and I found flour made for those with gluten intolerance called Better Batter. This stuff was sent from the heavens above! It can be used almost cup for cup like regular flour in any recipe. You may want to add a touch more salt or seasoning and in some recipes, a slight bit more leavening,
but most of the people you meet will never know!!! I can make cookies and even pasta with it! My mother made her own perogi for our Wigalia Christmas celebration and they tasted decent!!
If you are a heavy baker or cook, you can get on a flour program with them and earn free boxes. Also their website has great recipes to help you learn to use your new found treasure. (Like pasta!!!) Best of all your family and more importantly YOU, won’t have to suffer with almost good enough anymore! I’ve not heard one bad review on those who have tried it. This stuff is worth its weight in BREAD!

Submitted by Jennifer Altherr, © 2009