Product Review: Bored With Your Granola Bars? Try these new ones!


Are you bored with the old everyday snack? Do you need something quick and easy, but also filling and nutritious? I am happy to share two new snack bars I have found. They are both very interesting and different from any others that I have tried before.

The first is called the Yotta bar. These bars come in three natural flavors and have nothing artificial in them at all. Something very special about these bars is that each one has 6-9 veggies per bar. Each bar also has one serving of veggies and fruit per bar. The consistency of the bar is different too, in that it is dense and easy to chew. The three delicious flavors that this bar comes in are; Cherry, Orange, and Apple Cinnamon.

The second bar I am happy to share with you is called the Element bar. This bar has a lot to offer. In order to get this bar you need to go to the web site and build the bar yourself!! This is very easy to do and I have to say a lot of fun!! When I say you have to build the bar, you need to go through a few simple steps in order to customize your bar. You can choose the consistency of the bar, what fruits, nuts and sweets you would like in it, as well as what boosts you would like as well. Boosts are ingredients that you can add like soy protein, whey protein, omega 3, fiber or immunity boosts. A great feature of this web site is that as you are building the bar, the site adds up the nutritional facts. If you are following a specific diet like Weight Watchers, this tool can be very helpful!
Both of these bars are healthy and delicious. The Yotta bars run between $1.49-$1.59 per bar and come in boxes of 12. The Element bar also come in boxes of 12, however they are a little bit more expensive. The box is $36 which comes to $3 per bar. Although the Element bar is a little more expensive it may be a good idea for someone who has to have a specific diet or perhaps for a pregnant mother who is looking for a really healthy option and craving specific ingredients. The Yotta bars are priced more like the everyday bar that you might grab quickly at the convenience store on the corner. Both bars are delicious and yet completely different. These are both great options for both your everyday bar and one you might get yourself as a treat.
Product Review written by Meredith Wolf © 2008,

  • Does anyone find themselves not eating on a regular basis? I can go for two days and only eat something like Twizzlers or a Trailmix bar.