Christine Miserandino Hosts WebMD Lupus Community TV Series – More Videos Posted! Brain Fog


Cozy up, have a seat on the couch and chat with Christine and some friends! That is exactly what it will feel like when you take the time to watch these new videos from has launched a new community TV series called “Speaking of Lupus”. The series is hosted by Christine Miserandino of and author of “The Spoon Theory”. She is joined by people living with lupus, as well as guest experts. The shows are completely unscripted and feature real patients talking about real life issues.

The topics available for viewing right now are:

 *Lupus Brain fog is the newest video just released this week. I think it is a topic that so many of us can relate to (fibro, chemo, etc), not just people living with lupus.  It also features, our very own senior editor, Stephanie Kennedy and Christine Miserandino herself!

11/7/11 Lupus Brain Fog  
10/1/11 Lupus Beauty Tips  
10/1/11 Lupus and Disability  
9/1/11 Dating With Lupus  
9/1/11 Lupus and Depression  
8/1/11 Lupus and Your Family  
8/1/11 Lupus and Sleep  
4/11/11 Newly Diagnosed  
4/11/11 Lupus Medications  
4/11/11 Lupus Language  
4/11/11 Surviving Lupus  

The videos are perfect for viewing anytime, as they are not long. These new Lupus Community TV videos will be  great new tool to bring the lupus community together to help one another. Hopefully the videos will just be the beginning of the conversation and the spark that gets people talking. The videos can easily be shared with your family or loved ones to help with Lupus awareness and understanding. There are new videos set to be released monthly well into the summer.  Although these particular videos have lupus patients speaking, we think that so many in the entire chronic illness community will relate to the topics and the tips! So be sure to check them out and share with your friends!

Click here to see the videos!


Filming On The Set
Filming On The Set

Let us know what you think of the videos by commenting below. I hope you enjoy them. -Christine

  • I wish that pernicious anemia had such a fantastic advocate! I might have to do it myself when I am feeling better 🙂

  • Christine Spearman

    Hello #lupusfibro family been 2 yrs since i was told abt lupus but have had fibro for 6 yrs. Thanks to all of you for the info, strength, love my twitter & FB fam gives to us all. Big Hugs

  • ruth

    Thankyou so much Christine for your honesty & bravery, you are an inspiration to us all. A million thanks thanks also to your fellow sufferers, friends & family involved in the making of these videos. They are one of the most helpful resources I have found on the internet. I have searched high & low for inspiration to help me cope in the weird, & occasioanlly wonderful, journey that is life with lupus. I will definitely be recommending them to other lupies.

  • Jacquie

    Thank you! These videos help a lot. It is like I am in the room with you! I am a more visual person, and sometime avoid reading things because it is too much work, etc. Even though I am alone in my diagnosis where I live, these videos make me feel part of the Lupus community!

  • Christine–I am newly diagnosed–4 days to be exact–4 days of no sleep, stress, major depression, a non understanding family, a deceased spouse, and sooo alone

    I don’t know where to stsrt–the videos helped

  • Rose (RosaryBeadz on Twitter)

    Hey Christine (and all who participated in these videos), I want to thank you all for taking the time (and energy) to create these videos! Last week I had a very tough time dealing with being a spoonie. I had hit my rock bottom basically which hasn’t happened for me yet dealing with this illness. A good friend of mine sent me the links to these videos to see if they would help. THEY DID! More than words can express. I was able to remember that I’m not alone in this battle. I remembered that, if I just take the time to look and reach out, there are people who are ready to be there for me if I just let them and ask for help, which can be often difficult for a spoonie to do. So once again thank you all!

  • Terrific job, Christine. I really got a lot out of the videos. Sometimes it is better to see people speak about their issues instead of always reading them. It gives a face to all of us who are ill with Lupus and many other invisible illness. Thank you for doing this and thank you to all of the people who participated. I wish everyone many “spoons.” Looking forward to viewing more videos. 🙂

  • Tonya M.

    These videos are AMAZING! Thank you for publishing real people talking about real issues with Lupus. The honesty of Christine and the participants is welcoming. Yes..Lupus stinks..its not fun most of the time but we do have to learn to enjoy life in spite of Lupus!

    I truly enjoyed the Mom that spoke of her frustration of not being able to care for her children like she did pre-diagnosis. I can so relate! I have 3 boys under the age of 7 and somedays its so difficult to hear them laughing and playing outside with my husband while I’m stuck in the bed with fatigue and pain. I am grateful that God has blessed me with a wonderful husband, family and friends that support me through the ups and downs. Now I can share these videos with them to help them to understand a bit more of what its like to LIVE with Lupus.