Help us wish Christine Miserandino from and “The Spoon Theory” a Very Happy Birthday!


 Help wish Christine a Very Happy Birthday!!!!

July 27th is my birthday so this year to start off my lupus fundrasing efforts, and to kick start our team efforts I am asking all my family, friends, “spoonies” and facebook family for just one gift. I do not need a cute outfit, a day at the spa or some new gadget… I need a cure, or a new medicine, or at least hope for one of them. For those of you who know me, you know how amazing the new drug Benlysta has been in my life. Literally it has been a miracle and has shown me how great life can be again when not living “flare to flare”. But I know in my heart that this is just the begining of a whole new world for those living with lupus. I can imagine a world with better medication options, more knowledgable doctors, quicker diagnosis, and empowered patients… and hey, maybe even a cure! 

Happy Birthday Christine!

So, I know it may sound silly… but:

if you planned on sending me a card… donate a $1.00 better then a stamp and hey if all the people on my facebook page donated a dollar imagine how much we could all donate!

Maybe you might be able to donate $7 for the month of July?

Maybe you can donate $27 for my actual birthdate?

Okay, maybe I’ll actually admit my age for this good cause and you can donate $35 since I will be thirty five. Funny that is an age for a while I just wasn’t sure I would ever be when I was first diagnosed with lupus. I guess lupus didn’t know what it had in store when it picked me! I’m a tough cookie!

Hey you can be a rockstar and donate $77 for the year I was born! (I could come up with a million of these!) 🙂

Well, whatever you decide to donate, please know that ANY amount is helpful and very appreciated. More then i could ever express in words!

So thank you for starting off this 35th year with the best present a girl can get.. Hope and love!

Love, Christine
ps. PLEASE pass this link on to whoever you can. “share” it, “like” it tweet it… whatever you can to pass on the luv. ♥

  • Liz

    Well its way past your birthday but happy birthday none the less! I have to tell you that you have been an inspiration and the savior of many friendships. I have a rare genetic kidney disorder that has little to no research being done or many resources available to those that live with it. I came to find out the hard way that most doctors don’t even know what it is and I was told by someone at the American Kidney Foundation or whatever their actual title is told me they don’t help people with what I have. I am forced onto disability from it but disability doesn’t even cover all of my medical costs let alone all the standard stuff for shelter, food, basic necessities. I am now in the process of trying to find a way to make sure I can survive and keep surviving for the remainder of my life, the reason I want to get that settled is because my goal is to start a foundation for Barter’s and Gitelman’s Syndromes. It is really rare but those of us that have it have very little help in all ways. Whether it’s research or helping someone to not lose their home because they can’t afford the medications to treat the symptoms (there is not one medication out there that is for these syndromes). All that can be done is to treat symptoms when needed which is all the time. If there is any way possible that I could learn from you and help in your campaign in anyway (unfortunately I can’t afford to donate money but if there’s something else I can do, I would like to help). It seems to me that with all of the thousands of charities out there they don’t help each other. I really want to find a way to make the foundation I mentioned happen!
    Thank you,

  • I LOVED your Spoon theory :'( def saw ur bday is a day before mine lol Im July 28th 1985 and 10ys with M.S

  • Unicorn

    ooh better late than never, Happy Birthday! Sooo much going on lots of family birthdays and a silver wedding anniversary and mother really ill, in out of hospital after a cancer all clear… with an aggressive cancer. Hope as many as poss are able to donate and well you know us spoonies with good intentions… hope many of us remember to ACTUALLY donate n not just think we have : ) Good luck

  • Diane


  • Marieann

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Beautiful lady i hope your day is as special as you are.

  • Em

    Happy Birthday 🙂

  • Sunniejos

    Happy Birthday Christine!  Hope you have  a great one!

  • Helen

    Happy Birthday Christine!

  • Dana Bennett

    Where is the site donations are accepted? The annual walk-along for lupus? Other?

  • Msjoy333

    what are we donating for??