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  • anthony
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  • john

    I have hydrocephalus to due to a chiari malformation. unsure of what type as i’m a full adult now. but, it was with spina bifida type 2, meningocele

  • Patricia Hartfield

    ok cool gotcha-well I definitely need to invest in me some spoons-how many spoons is it again> 6, 7, or 8 that you need?

  • Cathy Boyd Selby

    It means there is NO more energy for ANYTHING. Your day is done. You have to rest, sleep, vegetate.

  • Patricia Hartfield

    So after utilizing the Spoons to explain your day to people-then when you are out of Spoons what does that mean?

  • Anyone here dealing with having Chiari 1 Malformation and Syringomyelia? Just curious.

  • Bobbie

    The Spoon Theory originated when a Lady and her friend were having lunch. As they sat at the table, her friend ask her to explain Lupus to her. So the Lady ( she has Lupus) looked around her as she was thinking of a way to explain what it is like to have Lupus. She noticed the spoons on the table, so she gathered them up. Handed them to her friend. And began by asking her friend how she would begin her day. With everything her friend did without thinking of how to begin her day with Lupus, she took away a spoon. And the story goes on until her friend is out of spoons.

  • Melody Fernandez

    Hi everyone I suffer from lupus RA chronic migraines muscle inflammation disease fibromyalgia and the list goes on…. I wanted to know if someone can help me with this question…

    Why use spoons when explaining lupus why not use othe objects of the same?

    It probably did say why spoons are use but I still don’t understand why (spoons) I had my family read the spoon theory and they ask me but what the meaning for using only spoons and I can’t answer the question so can someone please help me

    Thank you for reading this and helping me
    Take care god bless

  • Natalia

    They’re available on Amazon now 🙂

  • Donna Bailey

    I wish they sold nice posters with the spoon theory story on them, I think it would be easier to get more people to read it if we didnt gave to pester them to read it online, and I find the spoon theory story to be the best way to get across what I deal with daily to gealyhy people who dont grasp that I doing stuff isnt as simple as just toughing it out and enduring pain.

  • soyperiodista789

    That’s an awesome idea! I might just have to improvise one for myself!

  • Adrienne Hinson Harrison

    Check out my shop on etsy. Search LilyvaleCottage
    or go to . I have Lupus SLE and make spoon jewelry when I can. ????

  • Neil Stirk

    That’s brilliant Caitlin, I will certainly check it out, thank you very much for your help

  • Caitlin Anderson

    Check out “Spoon Shortage Sue” (on Facebook) and she’s in UK . Great jewelry and bookmarks …

  • Neil Stirk

    Hi, I just wondered if you sold any spoonie products, I would love to use a pad with spoons on that I can write tasks next to instead of using my note book so I can religiously stick to a set number of tasks – I know it sounds daft but I need something like this to force me not to overdo it – part of my mental health issue but would help physical issues too – I’ll come back soon to see if any links are available for UK spoonie – good health to all -Neil

  • jill

    Being an invisible disease face myself w fibromyalgia, I love this site!!!! Thank you to the moon and back! <3

  • Diane MacDougall

    Hi just found this site and was having a look around

  • MAhjytta Crakboumhu

    sending you lots of extra spoons virtually for the new year party! sign MC. from france (aka Anton Von Flugelhorn on facebook -your spoon theorie has helped me a lot explain to people what having a neuroboreliosis is like) thanks a bunch!

  • Brandy

    Just wondering if you still sell the small spoon lapel pins, and if there is a coupon floating around anywhere?