Product Review: My Doudou Bed Bumper


This is one of those simple ideas that make you say “I wish I thought of that!”. The Doudou padded bed bumper easily Velcros right to any wall running next to your bed. This cute and soft bumper then protects you from bumping into the hard wall, while tossing and turning in the night. It also helps keep you warm by protecting you with a barrier between you and the cold wall during those winter months. The word Doudou is a French word that means warm, cozy or comfortable cloth.

The Doudou bed bumper comes in many fashionable colors for boys or girls that would match any decor. The bumpers are removable, washable and mold resistant. They are flame retardant, will not yellow, and are washable and non-allergenic. Made of 100% cotton fabric with polyester fill, the bed/wall bumper measures approximately six feet in length and eighteen inches in width.
Although these bumpers were made with children in mind, I can’t help but think that these would be great for anyone suffering from a chronic pain condition like arthritis, fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. I know I hate to roll up against the wall- I end up feeling achy and cold and wake up all stiff. How many times have I woken up with a black and blue and wondered where it came from? How many times did I wake up chilly from mistakenly leaning against a cold wall. I think there are some adults who could really benefit from this product. Although she only has kid’s designed fabrics right now, she does make custom designs, so I am sure you could ask for a plain colored fabric or a fabric that matched your bedding.
Please note that these bumpers are not intended for babies or those children still at risk for SIDS. There are clear instructions and more information on the website for who these bumpers are best for.
The best thing about this product is that they are made by a stay at home mom. Her name is Raelynn and she is great to work with. If you do not find a fabric that you like or that fits the bedroom theme, just email her and she will make a custom bumper for you. I love supporting a family business.
You can purchase the bed bumpers for $64.95 USD from
Article written by Christine Miserandino, © 2007