Product Review: Wine and Beer Accessories for Those with Weak Hands


For special occasions it’s nice to open a bottle of wine, sit back with friends, relax and celebrate. The only problem is when you can’t open the wine or spill the wine when you pour it, and then can’t seem to balance the wine glasses and your plate. Sounds like a mess! Well our friends at have found us some party solutions once again.

The Tornado Wine opener is the easiest wine bottle opener I have ever tried. Tornado uses a cartridge of inert propellant to pop the cork in a breeze. The cartridge rests completely inside the top portion of Tornado’s body. The stylish ergonomic design features a soft touch finish and brushed chrome lid. It is small enough to fit in your kitchen drawer for easy access, but packs a powerful punch!
The stainless steel wine steward look like a vase with a handle. It is perfect for pouring wine. The wine bottle fits right into it and the sturdy handle helps you pour like a pro. I find wine bottles too heavy and slippery for me to hold and pour- but this makes it easy- and looks cute too!
These stainless steel stemware plate clips are pure genius! Have you ever tried to carry a fancy wine glass and a plate. Then you have no hands left to actually eat! It is even worse if you have any hand function disability, or balance issues. Whenever I go to cocktail parties, I laugh to myself that I need to choose one or the other- but now I can do both. These stylish and durable brushed stainless steel clips easily hold your stemware glass and connect the plate, so you do not need to hold it. They have rubberized inner surfaces to firmly grip and protect your plate and at $14.99 for 6 your guests will be thankful you bought them.
The TOPPER POPPER Bottle Cap Lifter pops the cap fast & easy, so opening your favorite bottle of beer or soft drink has never been so easy or so much fun. Try it and you’ll be amazed to see how the Topper Popper seems to magically remove the cap. Simply place the opener on the bottle, push down and pull up, and the cap is instantly removed and sticks to a magnetic catch for easy disposal. The secret to this ingenious device is a special spring loaded mechanism, which removes the cap with minimal effort. Even use with twist off caps to save wear and tear on your fingers. Need a great gift for the guy in your life.. this is it!
Article written by: Christine Miserandino, ©

  • Wow, thanks for another great, timely article. Christine, all of those things bug me at those kinds of parties. I have no idea how abled people deal with them or with standing around on their feet for hours while getting drunk.
    I tended to grab the best sit-down spot in the place early on if I went to one of those — end of a couch with end table, ash tray and place to put things. Put something on it to claim it like my art supply bag (never went to parties without RPG materials, art supplies, writing notebooks and other tools of random creativity) and raided the food and wine. Brought it back to my spot, sat down and did not move till the party was over.
    If it was a good one, people would bring me things while I sat there. They are much more gracious in the South and in San Francisco than in some places I’ve lived. I don’t know about Kansas because I haven’t been to one here.
    But I suspect if I brought little amenities like those, I would have abled people sidling over to try out the widgets all on the excuse that they’re fun widgets.