Product Review: Twist & Spout Pouring Handles


I found this product while searching the Internet on a great site called perpetual I wasn’t looking for something that would help my day to day living, but I found one. It serves as a lesson to always “keep your eye out” for items that can be useful and make life a little easier. You may need to get creative, or try to use products differently then they were intended, but if it works? Great.

Twist & Spout is a plastic handle and spout built in one. It is so simple- it makes bottles easier to pour and looks great while doing it. When I put this handle on my soda bottle to serve guests, they just thought it was a cute, fancy handle. They had no idea that the ergonom! ically designed handle made it much easier for me to pour and feel like a polite “hostess”. I have trouble with weak wrists, so I always hesitate when pouring something heavy.
Twist & Spout fits virtually any soda or water bottle with a screw-on cap. Use the Garden style (which is just longer) to create an instant watering can, making it easier to water plants in hard to reach places. Use the Kitchen style to make those big two-liter soda bottles more manageable (and better looking too!).
Garden spouts are available in blue and green. (6.5″ spout)
Kitchen spouts are available in pink and orange. (3.5″ spout)
At $4.99 these are so inexpensive, why not give them a try? It might help your hands, and they look great too!
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Product review written by: Christine Miserandino, ©2006