Product Review: Tiny Diner Portable Placemat


This is by far the best invention I have ever seen. When I go out with my son and use this, we invariably get great comments and are always asked where they can get one.

What is it? It’s this mat that suctions to a table surface and has a trough that hangs over the edge. When you are done you can slide off the larger food particles, fold in the sides, roll the dirty mat up into the trough area, take it home to wash the mess inside away or throw it in the dishwasher for easier cleaning, like I do. It comes in yellow, blue or pink colors. Unrolled it measures 12 by 18 and rolled up into a tube it’s 2 by 10, so it’s easily stashed anywhere at home, in the car or in a going out bag.
I don’t just use this for my toddler, but have also found use for this myself. I use it myself when I find a place I want to eat at, but question the table cleanliness. With no immune system, I can hardly risk another cold!!

It saves on washing plates and wrestling with a toddler to keep a plate on the table. With such easy clean up, it’s hardly a thought. The mat has a slightly raised lip so even wet foods won’t just leak off, onto the table surfaces. The tray that it rolls up into, also serves to catch food that would otherwise fall into your child’s lap! This has helped me cut down the wardrobe changes around here, which are a struggle! They tend to run around $12.99 to $14.99 and are affordable enough to keep a few handy. I tend to find them easily at my local Toys R Us stores with the baby items or you can find them several places online.
I highly recommend these mats. They last FOREVER and I try to keep one in the bag I carry around, one in the car, and one at Nana’s house. What a great alternative to all the other products out there!! If you have a kid, you will be amazed at the how it cuts down the after meal clean up and hassle. Every spoon saved counts!!
Article submitted by: Jennifer Altherr,, © 2006