Product Review: children’s toys


Story Time felts are a wonderful, new creative way of telling stories and encouraging imagination with your child. There is a felt back board with a scene on it and then felt “puppets” to help tell the story. The fabric is great for younger children to learn textures and free play, while older children will love making up stories with these unique play toys.

Through a special printing process, the colors are dyed permanently onto the felt so that they are washable and won’t bleed in the wash. The colorfast felt is incredibly durable and tear-resistant, which is why they offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
The product I tried was the Princess Fairy Tales and Stories

This detailed set will encourage those little imaginations to pretend they have a fairy Godmother and they themselves are going to the ball. Then as a princess they can feel a pea under twenty mattresses or even if they kiss a frog it will turn into a handsome prince!
Princess Fairy Tales and Stories Set includes:
The Princess and the Pea
St. George and the Dragon
Sleeping Beauty
The Frog Prince
Castle Background, mounted
78 total figures
Literature and coloring pages
Castle tales CD
The background measures about 23 inches by 31 inches.
I was impressed with the abundance of pieces this set came with and because this set includes so many different story/ character combinations, you know your child will not get bored with the same old story. Each piece is quality made. Ask children questions about the stories in the Princess Fairy Tales and Stories Set to challenge their thinking. Discuss the morals and values taught in the stories. When you use stories to teach morals, you are teaching without preaching.
Listen to the Castle tales CD and tell all the princess stories with the felt figures. Then have the children tell you the different stories. This teaches excellent language, memorization and sequencing skills as well as storytelling.
I know I have been personally effected by all the latest toy recalls. As a new mother I want to buy the safest toys for my daughter as well as have them be fun and educational! I really like that these toys are not the mainstream Disney type characters etc. They are the classic stories that I was read, when I was a child and I like that I am passing on these timeless treasures. I want my child to foster her imagination and products that let her tell the story do just that. I also like that I am buying a product made in America and that buying this product supports another work from home mom. Both of these issues are important to me. I know that I will be shopping from Awnya (The site owner) in the future. She was easy to work with and I trust her company. I love the product and I plan on buying these for birthday presents and Christmas presents in years to come! These are also great presents for the teachers in your family. They will appreciate the quality and the creativity.
For those who are crafty, they have an uncut version which is a bit cheaper that you can make yourself. Because of the arthritis in my hands, I opted for the finished version which was only about $10 more- but well worth it!
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Article written by Christine Miserandino, © 2008