Product Review: Tiger Balm Pain Relieving Patch


Recently I realized I needed something for my neck. After over 8 years of suffering with painful Fibromyalgia, the worst part always was the way my neck would freeze up in pain on me. It was time for a trip to the drugstore. I stared down the long aisle of pain relievers and began the hunt for something that might really help. As I neared the new variety of stickypatches, I considered a heating kind, but sometimes the heat is just as bad. My eyes fell on a name I remembered as a child- Tiger Balm. I looked at it, considered it carefully, and in the end it was well worth a try. It was a long time name brand, so it might be worth it. I took it home and put one on that night when I felt the familiar freezing up, pain and soon-to-result headache!

I was not disappointed! In 5 or 10 minutes I was in heaven. I left it on for 20 or 30 minutes minimum and I was pain-free the rest of the night. Well ok, just the part that had the patch, but still! You can wear them all day if you want, changing it once or twice a day. The sticky gel has all the same ingredients as the balm and it soaks into the skin where it works.
Now on really bad nights, I’ll sleep with it on! (Sometimes it falls off in my turning around, but it’s a good laugh to find where it usually migrates to.) The only draw back is that menthol smell. In my experience, though, the scentless types don’t work as well. And in the end, maybe your partner likes the smell of mint? Just kidding. They too will like how well it works, for sure though!
I highly recommend this product to everyone in need of pain relief. First, you feel the cool and then it almost feels like a tingly warm/cool mixed sensation and that is when you know the pain is about to be a distant memory! What have you got to lose in trying it? Pain. (Who wouldn’t love to miss pain? It doesn’t even have to send a post card or forwarding address.)
Jennifer Altherr,, © 2007